Ultimate Guide About Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl floors are also known as luxury vinyl plank flooring. It is known as one of the best flooring types. Luxury vinyl is an implausible option for both residential and commercial places. Vinyl flooring is cost-friendly, highly durable, and long-lasting and provides a comfortable walk as well.  Apart from all the benefits vinyl plank flooring is capable of absorbing annoying sound and much more. 

Luxury vinyl planks are neither like sheets nor like tiles. They own quite a high-level thickness than its other types. Planks are easy to install, usually DIY projects.  With least maintenance, vinyl planks are homeowner’s favourite choice. 

Based on certain factors, it has a clear differentiation from luxury vinyl tiles and vinyl sheets such as thickness, installation, aesthetic appearance and cost. Undoubtedly luxury vinyl planks can mimic the hardwood and stone-like look that no one can easily distinguish between the two categories. 

With least ado given below is the complete guide about luxury vinyl plank flooring. After reading this, you will ultimately love this excellent flooring. 

Ultimate Guide to Vinyl Plank flooring

What is vinyl flooring?


For the last many decades, vinyl floors serve as the practical and functional foundation of your home. Luxury vinyl flooring is the first-rate choice for selecting a budget-friendly and affordable home floor renovation. It works best in both utility locations as well as in water prone areas.

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Types of vinyl flooring


The first and foremost thing in any flooring development is to choose the right material. For example, if you have decided on Vinyl, Read Advantages of vinyl plank flooring, then the second thing to venture on is to plan the right type that will work most suitably.  Owing to a wide variety, it is quite challenging.

Each vinyl flooring type, either its vinyl sheet or luxury vinyl tile, has distinctive styles and patterns. No class can be the alternative pf other. Vinyl tiles and vinyl sheets have different characteristics and also vary widely in benefits.

To have a clear concept about the two types we are here with every bit of information that helps you make a better decision.

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Luxury Vinyl Sheets 


The luxury vinyl sheet comes in the form of long rolls. Rolls mainly constitute 6-12 feet of Vinyl. Vinyl sheets usually involve a tricky installation process. Sheets are cost-friendly, and you can renovate your whole place in a reasonable amount. 

This vinyl flooring category is considered a leading option for large areas, most probably for commercial places. During the alignment process, there is not any seam.

Life proof vinyl sheets are highly affordable, ultimately durable, and used over any sub lament.

.Top-quality vinyl sheets are popular and designed for high traffic zones. Coloured vinyl sheets are created by embedding the strong granules. Vinyl sheets have strong resistance against scratches and dents. There are certain specific properties of luxury sheet vinyl.

Pros  Cons 
A least expensive vinyl flooring option Not capable of providing realistic hardwood looks
High-quality sheet vinyl flooring has Wonder looks and designs. Top-quality sheet vinyl flooring needs professional installation. It’s not DIY friendly.
Top-quality Vinyl exists in a plethora of textures. High cost
Highly resilient works well In bathrooms and kitchens Not a good option for living rooms and bedrooms
Waterproof sheet vinyl is an excellent option for high traffic areas. Not favoured by homeowners because of cheap materials in residential spaces
Provides warmth and safe walk Release toxic compounds
The right choice for a tight budget Very difficult to remove

Luxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl tile is considered one of the top flooring categories. Vinyl tiles are also known as LVT and are thick flooring. Compared to other vinyl floor options, it is relatively five times more viscous. Enhanced thickness serves as additional glaze support in providing an exclusive realistic foundation. 

Composed of 3D technology and innovation, luxury vinyl tiles provide a natural look such as hardwood or stone. Vinyl tiles are available at Columbus flooring city.

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Pros  Cons
Simulates the natural look of stone and ceramics On touch, vinyl tiles do not feel like real hardwood. This is a top-quality parameter for most of the homeowners.
Easy peel and stick installation process You can only save money on installation else; it is quite expensive than other flooring options.
Top-quality vinyl tile provides feelings of warmth and comfort. Not of high quality.
Good resilience Quickly develop scratches and dents on hard interaction of objects.
Works well in all environments incredibly efficient in cold areas Wear layer varies from type to type.
Easy to care Require extensive cleaning
Latest vinyl tiles have god waterproofing characteristics. Only the top qualities are waterproof.
Top-quality vinyl tiles provide a graceful look in contemporary homes. Not so famous like vinyl planks
Homeowners favourite choice Beauty fade over time

Vinyl plank Flooring 


This flooring is the homeowner’s favourite. Highly demanding, and the main reason behind its high selling rate is increased durability, least maintenance, and resistance against harmful incidents. Easy to install and wood-like look is making the flooring popular.  Vinyl planks flooring is cost-friendly and works well in all areas.

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Pros  Cons 
Elegant like hardwood Not actually feels like hardwood on touch
Myriads of colours, designs, and textures Release volatile organic compounds with time
Available in a wide variety of width and lengths Non- biodegradable
Suitable for any room Colours fade in direct sunlight exposure
Easy installation, usually follow  floating structure or click-lock strategy To quality, vinyl plank flooring is costly
Top-notch flooring when compared with engineered wood or hardwood Quickly develops scratches and dents
Easy to clean and maintain Cannot be easily repaired on damage
planks are 100% waterproof Difficult to remove and replace
Excellent quality vinyl planks are fantastic for both commercial and residential purposes Needs proper subfloor preparation

Vinyl Floor Backing

The second main reason for selecting luxury vinyl flooring is its high-end durability. Floors have a long life span.  The primary reason behind the high durability of vinyl flooring is its construction method. Read the Quality guide for vinyl flooring what is best.

Vinyl tiles are made up of individual layers such as 

  • The protective vinyl backing layer 
  • Wear layer 
  • Hard vinyl core 
  • Upper layer with printed film
  • Aluminium oxide ceramics or polyurethane material for additional protection. 

Apart from other layers, Wear layers make the vinyl tile extremely durable. Imbued with prints and designs this layer protects the upper tile from scratches, scuffs spills and seepage. In the case of other flooring types such as vinyl composites or hardwood, there is no additional wear layer, high maintenance, proper care and regular cleaning usually required for these floors.

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To protect hardwood from wear and tear you need, waxing, polishing and sealing at frequent intervals. Luxury vinyl is a comprehensive flooring material, with everlasting protection layers.

Comparison of different vinyl floors


There are certain advantages and disadvantages of luxury vinyl flooring. Before you finally decide on, keep all these points in mind. Flooring sellers or home centres salespeople will also help you in this regard. 

Vinyl planks  Vinyl sheets  Vinyl tiles 
Looks like hardwood Capability to make only one remarkable design  Available in no of styles 
Versatile and multitudes of designs and patterns  Limited designs  Customized designs 
Easy installation Installed in large pieces, either one or two  Can be installed in any desirable location 
Great practical value and becoming homeowners first choice  Highly practical Easy to replication  
Highly durable Not extremely durable  Highly durable
Environmental friendly and resistant to damage Need effortful repair  Withstand the environment over a long time 
Straight without any curls  Usually got curls because of storage in the form of rolls.  Usually flat without any curls 
Difficult to transport  Difficult transportation  Easy to relocate 
Can be recycled and reused  The material can be recycled. Made from and can be converted into recyclable materials 
Cost friendly flooring option Highly expensive  Less expensive don’t enhance. 
Remarkably enhance the resale value in the real estate market.  Resale values not increased. Increase the resale value in the real estate

Vinyl Flooring Installation Guide

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is easy to install. Highly durable and cost-effectiveness has made this flooring worthwhile among the homeowners. This incredible flooring is indeed the best option for adding a contemporary chic to your place. Just follow the installation, as mentioned above, to make it a more effortless and excellent choice.

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Gather tools 

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is available at the home centres and flooring markets. Vinyl plank is getting popular with each passing day due to its various advantages. For any flooring installation, there are specific tools that are required. For luxury vinyl plank flooring, you need to have the following means. 


Firstly find out the high and low-level spots on the floors. You can easily do this with the help of the straight edge. Bear in mind that floor height should be 1/8 inch. It should not be more or less than this value. The Following span is almost 4 feet. 

Fill The Low-Level Spots 

With the help of a trowel fill the slow level spot on the floor. It can be any small or long patch. Don’t use the self-level floor patch. The primary purpose is not to make the floor level; instead, it is just to make it smooth. 

Use Half Plank 

Luxury vinyl plank flooring works best in a parallel manner. If you lay the flooring in parallel starting from the longest wall, you will have to make fewer cuts. Remember, first of all; you have to figure out the exact width. 

Cut Door Jambs 

Trim away the door jambs and any casings if present. This is mainly for sliding the floor underneath. You can use any multipurpose too with oscillatory nature. The small scraper will also work. 

Consider Expansion Gaps 

Shims are required to maintain expansion gaps. Insert suitable shims with an interval of ¼ inch to 3/8 inch gap. They are placed in between floors and holes. Luxury vinyl planks get expanded or contract with temperature variations. Shims will help in good expansion. 

Do Snapping 

Snapping is important. Always snap the planks end together. Snap the first row of planks in an end to end manner. Start with sliding the first plank on the second row in the first plank groove at the lowest angle. Now place it on the floor. 

Now place the remaining planks in a click-lock pattern. Make sure all the planks interlock appropriately. Push the planks in grooves as you move further. Undoubtedly this will help a lot in easy bending and twisting. 

Don’t Ignore Floor Height. 

Positively any new flooring installation will affect the original floor height. It will either raise or lower the existing floor height. Regardless of the flooring type, this situation will cause serious problems. Tips and Tricks to Lay Luxury Vinyl over Concrete Floor

Properly Stagger the Seams

Stagger all the seams at the space of 6 inches. If you place any plank less than 6 inches width, you will end up in the wrong flooring installation. For this purpose, open all the boxes, let them mix and use a varied flooring pattern. 

Tap the Planks 

Luxury vinyl planks flooring favours the DIY process. For further procedure hook all the pull bars in the end side of the piece. Tap the hard seams available on the floor. 

Install Bridge Molding 

Cover all the expansion gaps. Gaps might exist in the flooring and base trim. Don’t put nails. The nail will cause irregular expansion. This kind of development will result in erroneous flooring. 

  • Place the planks parallel around the door jambs.
  • Place the planks to perpendicular around the door jambs.

Install Shoe Molding 

Once the flooring is down, install the shoe moulding, this will cover all the expansion gaps. Gaps will appear on the floor and base trims. Enter the finish nails at 1-1/4 inches between the shoes and little ground. Don’t place the pins in such a way that your flooring will move down a lot. Finish mouldings in such a way that they will certainly match the trim, not the flooring. 

Why luxury vinyl flooring


Here are 12 primary reasons to use luxury vinyl flooring 

  1. Everlasting designs
  2. The natural beauty and incredible looks
  3. Ultimate durability
  4. DIY installation
  5. Safe and secure
  6. Easy cleanliness
  7. Uniquely Versatile
  8. Amazing choices
  9. Realistic flooring
  10. Water resistance
  11. Highly economical
  12. Trending
  13. Highly resilient
  14. Lunar aesthetics
  15. Highly reputable brands

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Vinyl Flooring Buying Guide 

For the last many decades, vinyl floors serve as the practical and functional foundation of your home. Luxury vinyl flooring is the first-rate choice for selecting a budget-friendly and affordable home floor renovation. It works best in both utility locations as well as in water prone areas.

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The traditional vinyl floor comes in two primary forms. One is a luxury vinyl sheet, and the second is a luxury vinyl tile. Both are composed of synthetic compounds with no natural ingredients.

 Construction style 

Perhaps both types of Vinyl flooring vary widely in construction style aka makeup. The first and foremost thing about any Vinyl flooring is understanding either it’s just like regular Vinyl or Adhesive Vinyl. It is quite essential that how you can install the vinyl floor is necessary.

Adhesive Vinyl floors are a permanent type of Vinyl flooring. These floors are good at beholding impacts, scratches, spills and scuff. Best Adhesive Vinyl floors attach easily to the subelement—the latest adhesive floor connected with glue or acrylic resin.  You can lay the Adhesive Vinyl over any other type of bed.  Adhesive Vinyl follows the stick and peels approach.

Regular Vinyl floors or vinyl planks are placed directly. These floors usually follow a floating pattern. Lying now over the standard subfloor vinyl enhances the aesthetic value of your home.

It does not have any kind of adhesive, such as tape or glue at the back. Much more manageable in the installation of regular Vinyl is the Do-it-yourself project.

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Either its regular Vinyl or Adhesive Vinyl condition of subfloor matters a lot. If your subfloor has ample moisture or any severe imperfections, it is better to have some professional consultation. 

You can also use any underlayment such as plywood or particleboard.  Underlayment will enhance the comfort level and provide extraordinary shine. Without adding any underlayment, you may have the worst floor look.

Moisture Resistance 

Vinyl planks are long planks, just like wood. Vinyl planks also have a good resistance against moisture but relatively more liable to get damaged if exposed for long periods. You can use vinyl planks in all areas, either commercial or residential. In terms of moisture resistance, both the types inclined towards the beneficial flooring. 


Vinyl flooring is probably one of the highly durable flooring categories. Luxury Vinyl is persistent and does tear and gouge easily. Although relatively softer than other flooring types but still better than money. Its modest durability is a lead factor behind its selection. Columbus flooring city Ohio offers life proof vinyl flooring at discounted prices. 

When it comes to durability, nothing matches the vinyl planks. Vinyl plank flooring is easy to repair. Vinyl planks are usually placed with adhesives or can put in a floating manner as well. You can replace the damaged plank resulting in the flawless floor. Planks are highly functional, as well as practical.


There is not any kind of particular damage from luxury vinyl flooring. Either its sheet or plank depends on your primary preference.  Larger sheets will help you in having less no seams as compared to planks. However, the planks’ installation is DIY friendly Vinyl planks come in long, wide planks. You can either place them directly or can cut at specific points according to the required size.  you can select any vinyl floor size.


Luxury vinyl planks or vinyl tiles are also affordable. It ranges in between $2 to $4 per square feet. It can lead up to $7 per square feet. Cost varies depending on the quality. However, it’s a floating floor and does not require any professional help. 


Top-quality luxury vinyl flooring is best for walking. Life proof vinyl floors have a soft texture and promote a comfortable walk. Health and wellbeing is the prime priority. You do not feel exhausted even after standing for a more extended period. Luxury vinyl tiles area was esthetically appealing and equally comfortable. 

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While home renovation, safety considerations are vital. The selection of safe flooring that provides both health and comfort is indeed essential. Vinyl floors are phthalate-free, and the best vinyl flooring is easy to walk on and provides a healthy and great life ahead.  Read more How to choose the best vinyl plank/sheets/tiles flooring. vinyl floors work best in all areas.

Easy Cleaning 

Vinyl floors require the least maintenance. Properly glazed with ceramic material, vinyl tiles provide a smooth surface. The latest vinyl Floors need little care and cleaning. Regular mopping and wet cleaning are enough once a week. Harsh and abrasive chemicals will affect badly. The protective coating is mainly aligned to deal with extra wear and tear. Moreover, if appropriately cleaned, Dirt, scuff, and 

Luxury vinyl plank is easy to clean.  Life proof vinyl tiles own a gleaming look.  Nevertheless, you can follow these cleaning tips. 

  • Regular mopping 
  • Damp cloth cleaning 
  • Don’t use abrasive chemicals. 
  • Always apply branded mild solutions. 


Luxury vinyl planks, unlike hardwood, do not require re-sanding from time to time. All thanks to vinyl construction or makeup. Wear layers, incredibly waterproof vinyl layers, make it highly versatile.  Without any exaggeration, vinyl floors are highly functional. 

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These floors do not require any extensive maintenance. As compared to hardwood, vinyl tiles are effortless to clean and maintain. This extraordinary property has made it a practical choice among homeowners.  Sweeping and mopping once a day is enough to keep the gloss.  

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unlike vinyl composites and hardwood vinyl planks, are incredible in terms of carefree maintenance.  To deal with Dirt and grime, you can drop down the curtain in front of an open window.

 Sound Resistance 

Annoying noise always annoys most of us. The green revolution is promising to provide a healthy lifestyle. Health and wellbeing are the prime priorities of the people around the globe. Whether it’s your flooring or walls, health is always under consideration.  Providing good health is indeed an ever-growing priority of homeowners, designers, constructors and all companies. 

Luxury vinyl planks are one of those options that, in reality, produce the least noise. With the tremendous soundproof acoustic profile, LVP is now among the top-notch flooring choices.  Quiet underfoot as compared to hardwood and laminates. 

The luxury vinyl flooring industry is getting wildly popular. With improvements in the last, many years vinyl planks are now loved by homeowners. Not only improved acoustics today’s vinyl flooring is life proof and capable of lasting for many years. 


Vinyl floors are the latest 2020 floors. It is destined for a natural look. Luxury planks are practical options that own a premium look and special texture formats.  So be trendy and buy luxury vinyl floors today from Columbus flooring city. All three types, either its vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, or vinyl plank, provide a fantastic trendy and cosy look to the home foundation.


Luxury vinyl is, no doubt, more durable. It has more thickness. Extensive wear layers and protective backing on luxury vinyl make life expectancy generally between 20-25 years. For a better life span, take proper caring of your floor.


They don’t require any challenging installation process. Floors are DIY install. Vinyl floors have a click-lock system, and you can install it as soon as they arrive home. No professional consultation is required. Click lock strategy provides excellent stability and a robust and rigid core that is not easily affected. Besides other facts, Vinyl has a good absorption ability that contributes to a quiet and peaceful space. Black vinyl tiles provide a cosy and premium look.

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Vinyl Flooring Cleaning Guide 

Vinyl floors are easy to clean. However, for perfect cleaning, you may need to consider some specific. 

Here are tips on the most proficient method to clean a vinyl floor that is indeed filthy. You can eliminate stains from acidic substances like organic product juice, ketchup, pureed tomatoes or wine with a glue of preparing pop and water. Rub it on the floor with a delicate towel until the stain lifts. Clear the preparing soft drink off the floor with a vinegar and water arrangement. 

  • For extreme stains from lipstick, pastels, paint or ink, apply scour liquor to the spot and clean with a delicate fibre brush. Try not to utilize steel fleece or more rough brushes since they can scratch the floor. For clean nail stains, use clean nail remover. 
  • For scrapes, shower WD-40 on a towel and use it to rub the scraped territory until the imprints disappear. Clean with the vinegar and water answer to get the WD-40 off the floor. 
  • Another tip on the best way to clean floors: Don’t utilize glue wax shines on your vinyl floor. They’ll leave a film on the floor that will develop after some time. There’s a modest and straightforward approach to please base: Put a couple of drops of infant oil into that vinegar and water cleaning arrangement we informed you concerning before. 
  • Remember precaution care while thinking about how to clean vinyl flooring. Earth and residue hurt the completion of any floor, so keep mats before outside ways to keep soil out of the house. 

Realizing how to clean vinyl deck will keep it looking exquisite and make it keep going for quite a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do You Need Any Transfer Paper For Vinyl?

Probably you don’t need any transfer paper for Vinyl floors. You can quickly transfer the vinyl backing from one location to another.  However, if there is any space left, it will be more difficult.

Is adhesive Vinyl suitable?

Adhesive types of Vinyl are the best Vinyl floors. Associated resins provide stability to the Vinyl floors. More the strength of the life span. The adhesive also enhances the aesthetic look and provides a flawless look.

How Can You Clean Vinyl floors?

Vinyl floors do not require any strict maintenance. Regular mopping and damp cloth cleaning will work for you.  Try to clean with soft brush mop. Never apply any kind of harsh chemical or abrasive on Vinyl flooring.  By using mild detergents, your vinyl floor will last for more than 20 years.

Can I walk instantly on vinyl floors?

 Vinyl Floors need some settling time. Never walk on vinyl floors right after installation. Vinyl floors need almost 48 hours after installation to get proper fixation.

Are Vinyl Floors Waterproof?

Vinyl floors have good resistance against water. You can fearlessly use vinyl floors in moisture-prone areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Does Vinyl Floors Get Damage Quickly?

Vinyl floors do not damage easily. No doubt, luxury vinyl planks are highly durable. Dropping of any harp object such as utility knives can cause tearing of Vinyl floors.

What Is The most straightforward method To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is friendly in the installation process. Undoubtedly specific methods are depending on the subfloor condition. Make proper cuttings and then place the vinyl planks in the right dimensions in a floating manner to have flawless flooring. 

Can I Replace worn out Vinyl flooring?

Yes, you can replace damaged pieces of luxury vinyl flooring.  However, it’s costly because it’s quite tricky and needs some professionals for more appropriate installation.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Vinyl Flooring?

Although vinyl floors hold many useful properties, there are certain disadvantages as well. 

  • Not repairable 
  • Not environmental friendly 
  • Release toxic materials 
  • Develop scratches on placing heavy objects 

What are the basic cleaning methods for vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain. 

  • Clean with a mop. 
  • Vinyl floors are easy to clean with the help of damp cloths. 
  • Never apply harsh chemicals on the vinyl floor.
  • Abrasive detergents will damage the look.

Is There A Difference Between Linoleum And Vinyl Flooring?

There are a lot of differences between the two types. One of the main differences between the two is the construction material. Linoleum flooring is made of linseed oils or any other similar material. However, on the other hand, vinyl flooring is made of synthetic material, also called polyvinyl chloride.