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Our Premium Quality Engineered Wood Flooring in Columbus, Ohio

At Columbus flooring city, we care about your sustainability and wellbeing. For that matter, we assume that you need quality flooring for the decades to come. Keeping that in mind, we present you with our very own engineered wood flooring in Columbus to make your living worth it. Being responsible contractors, we have managed to attain wood from the most sustainable forests. Our craftsmen, staff, and authorities are devoted to providing you with the best flooring that we can! 

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    Get inspired by our range of engineered wood selections:


    We are pleased to present you with our all-new engineered wood flooring in oak, cherry, maple, and hickory wooden boards. So, get inspired and take a look at our oak and maple wood range. In addition to that, our white engineered flooring Columbus, Ohio is also alluring for most homeowners. Our designers strive to create premium quality products using solid wood, plywood, and wood veneer. 

    Our beneficial product:


    You might be wondering if engineered flooring is suitable for your rooms! Therefore, our product is perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and entryways. Also, you can use our flooring in offices and other commercial settings. Our flooring store can make your place updated with our top-quality, durable, and much affordable wood flooring. So, select our floor type for multiple rooms. 

    Why engineered wood flooring in Columbus Ohio?


    Different from solid wood flooring, engineered flooring contains multiple layers of genuine wood and wood veneer. As a result, these layers turn into a sturdy and resilient flooring material. So, choosing our engineered oak flooring in Dublin and Columbus comes with:

    • Great aesthetics
    • Strength and insulation
    • Sustainable in all weather conditions
    • Excellent color and texture range
    • Easy installation
    • Durability and affordability

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    You can get in touch with us by:

    • Browsing: search for our flooring website and check out our wood range by design, color, and texture.
    • Calling: use the ‘contact us’ info to call us and ask away all your queries about quality, wood type, services, prices, and other stuff.
    • Visit us: Also, visit your nearby CFC showroom to get your hands on the wood samples to feel the texture and quality of our engineered wood flooring in Dublin and Columbus, Ohio.

    Why choose us for engineered wood flooring in Columbus, Ohio?


    We supply high-quality wood and engineered wood flooring across the country. We are selling the best wide plank engineered flooring at affordable rates, making your home a place to relax and cherish. Our engineered flooring in Dublin,Ohio has all the good attributes you are looking for in your room. So, buy engineered flooring from us because:

    • We have the best designs and styles at hand.
    • Our engineered wood flooring cost can fit in all sorts of budgets.
    • We have a wide range of selections in engineered oak flooring and engineered maple flooring. Also, our white oak engineered flooring is one of a kind. 
    • Check out our occasional discount on engineered flooring.
    • We are actively providing flooring guidelines to customers. 

    Well, the bottom line is that you are less likely to find flooring as sustainable as our engineered wood flooring. Our commitment to durability and quality life is the core element of our business. Plus, you cannot deny the engineered flooring cost that we offer. So, trust us with your next flooring project.