Durable Superior Flooring
Discover the best-in-class flooring that is durable, ultra-stable, and highly functional. With a range of colors, textures, and wood species available, our superior floors are sure to match your decor.
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Stylish And Durable Superior Flooring In Columbus, OH

Our range of superior flooring is the best choice if you want hardwood flooring that is modified not to have the drawbacks that hardwood usually brings. Hardwood is considered the gold of the flooring market, and our range of beautiful grain textures and colors will fit any home style.

Our superior floors are durable and will easily last for years. Available in three types: Superior Engineered, Superior Enhanced, and Superior Solid Hardwood, each of the flooring choices are designed to provide you the maximum durability and functionality. At Columbus, OH, you will find all of your flooring needs at one place.

Superior Flooring Collection

Superior Engineered
Superior Enhanced
Superior Hardwood

Wide Range Of Finishes And Color Options In Superior Flooring

The wide range of color choices is the main benefit of our superior hardwood flooring. The colors will fit every style depending on the type of wood species you pick. Below are some flooring ranges with varying colors because of the wood type:

  • Red Oak Superior Engineered Wood: Because of the red oak wood species, the superior engineered wood appears reddish-brown. This color is an excellent choice for a modern home.
  • Maple Superior Enhanced Flooring: The maple wood of the superior enhanced flooring makes the wood appear cream in color, making it a great choice for any look.
  • Hickory Superior Solid Hardwood Flooring: The hickory wood type of superior solid hardwood flooring makes the wood appear greyish-blue.

Different Options of Superior Flooring to Choose From

Our range of superior flooring is made durable and functional through various materials. The species you go for depends on interior style, color choices, decor, and design since each species is in a different color. Below are each of our type explained:

Superior Enhanced Flooring

Our superior enhanced hardwood flooring is a 3-ply engineered product with a quarter-sawn solid hardwood core and base. It has an internal structure that has 100% solid hardwood. This reduces the chance of warping, ensuring a consistent flat surface in any living space.

Superior Engineered Flooring

Our superior engineered flooring provides the beauty of hardwood with the modern versatility and strength of an engineered floor. Our superior floor coatings use a Baltic Birch plywood core which is designed to last. You can install it anywhere, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, or basement.

Superior Solid Hardwood Flooring

Made from a single piece of hardwood, it was designed for refined grain, consistent color, and lasting stability. Our range of products is known for their durability and functionality. You can put it in any room that isn’t prone to moisture or significant humidity and temperature fluctuations.

What Makes Our Superior Flooring Durable?

The flooring material differs depending on the wood species you pick, but wood (plywood) and wood fibers (high-density fiberboard) are present. Crafted from the best materials in the market, our superior custom flooring is sturdy, solid, durable, and water-resistant.

Where Can You Buy Superior Flooring In Dublin, Ohio?

Do you want to buy our range of superior flooring in Columbus, Dublin, Oh, and nearby areas? Our wide array of colors, styles and wood species can all be found in one place at affordable options. Just head to our flooring store or give us a call to ask any questions.

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