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We are selling the best vinyl plank flooring at an affordable wholesale price, making your room alluring. Our luxury vinyl flooring prices are reasonable. Currently, we have several designs and styles of vinyl plank flooring. You can also buy vinyl wood flooring and white vinyl flooring with the latest colours and texture.

Luxury vinyl flooring
$1.99/sq ft

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      Vinyl Floor Collection



      Luxury Vinyl Plank



      Luxury Vinyl Plank



      Luxury Vinyl Plank



      Luxury Vinyl Plank



      Luxury Vinyl Plank

      Free Quote And

      Got questions, want to know pricing, or need
      an estimate? No Obligation and No Pressure.

        Luxury Vinyl Flooring are being demanded in higher amount as they resemble hardwood or stone, but are low in price. They are built with multiple layers and have the capacity to bear all kinds of heavy traffic, or whichever lifestyle you have Luxury Vinyl Floor is the best choice. This multi-layered construct adds to its durability and easy maintenance.

        Easy Installation Of Flooring

        Luxury Vinyl Floor they are all easy to install, some have the installation type of locking together while some have to be pasted with glue. Regardless of what kind, they all lie in the category of easy installation.

        Easy Maintenance Of Flooring

        As discussed before, Luxury Vinyl Planks are constructed with multiple layers. The top layer is a clear protective layer that is resistant to scratches and scuffs. Moreover, they are 100% waterproof so you don’t need to worry about any spills, just wipe it up with a wet cloth it will be good as new.

        Benefits of Our Luxury Vinyl Floor

        • Variety of designs and colors to choose from
        • Moisture and stain resistance makes it easy to clean
        • The top layer is clear and kept shiny, no need to wax
        • Scratchless quality makes them more durable to be used in crowded places
        • Reasonable price
        • The long life span for up to 50 years
        • Cushioned feel underfoot and insulates sound

        When installed they give you a luxurious look and enhance the beauty of the room, most popularly installed in bathrooms and kitchen due to their waterproof ability. However, you can install them anywhere in your home. In long run, Luxury Vinyl Floor planks will be the best choice you will make for your home.

        Floors are the crucial portion of your home improvement; however, you must desire a Columbus flooring store for reliable and very affordable floors. Our floors store in Columbus, Ohio, possesses a massive variety of floorings like hardwood flooring superior, engineered vinyl, and other flooring types. It’s possible to seek out the ideal floors stores near me personally for an affordable and modern flooring collection.

        If you are looking for a new floor, whether it be for your home, office, or commercial space, buying at our flooring store is a great idea. You can find us online by searching for the best flooring stores near me on any search engine. Our flooring store in Columbus, Ohio, has a huge collection of affordable flooring products. 

        The quality of several flooring products depends on its crafting and material, but its quality can also be identified by evaluating where to buy flooring. Therefore, a brand matters a lot. Currently, Our Columbus flooring stores never compromise on quality.

        The flooring stores in Columbus, Ohio, have various colors, styles, and designs of multiple flooring types. 

        Affordable flooring collection

        The premium quality of the flooring 

        Latest designs and styles

        Durable and reliable flooring 

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