Vinyl Plank Flooring in Dublin Columbus

Exceptional Quality at Affordable Prices

Vinyl Plank Flooring in Dublin Columbus

Exceptional Quality at Affordable Prices

Vinyl Plank Flooring in Dublin Columbus
Exceptional Quality at Affordable Prices

Discover Best Vinyl Flooring Collections in Dublin

Columbus Flooring City is your trusted destination for high-quality vinyl flooring in Dublin. Influencing both style and functionality, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of vinyl plank flooring in various styles and colors. Transform your space with our exquisite collection, featuring the latest trends and innovations in luxury vinyl plank flooring and more. Our experienced staff is available to guide you from selection to the installation of durable yet aesthetically pleasing vinyl floor planks in Dublin. Discover a wide range of vinyl flooring options at Columbus Flooring City, featuring styles like classic vinyl plank flooring and high-end luxury vinyl plank flooring. Visit our showroom today!

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Explore the Diversity of Vinyl Flooring Colors in Dublin

Explore a world of possibilities with Columbus Cabinet City bringing you a diverse palette of captivating colors to enhance the aesthetics of your living spaces. From the timeless allure of classic wood-toned vinyl plank floor to the modern vibrancy of our waterproof vinyl flooring in contemporary hues, experience the perfect blend of sophistication and trend-setting design for a contemporary aesthetic. Tailor your vinyl flooring with our extensive colors and printed vinyl collection to match specific design elements, reflecting your individual style.


Rooms You Can Use Vinyl Flooring

Bathroom Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Kitchen Luxury Vinyl Flooring

What Our Customer Saying
Robert Andrew
Robert Andrew
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First and foremost, the customer service was the absolute best! They answered all of my questions and gave a ton of great advice. There was a lot of hardwood and vinyl flooring options. The installation was smooth and I would definitely recommend Columbus Flooring City.
Arthur David
Arthur David
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Staff is very friendly, and very good service. They have very nice, modern looking flooring materials in with lots of variety, particularly in vinyl flooring. Their reasonable prices was a major plus point from me. I have bought flooring for my basement and it looks really nice.
Albert Thomas
Albert Thomas
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When it comes to vinyl flooring, it was sort of difficult for me to choose a particular color. But not until I went to Columbus Flooring City, since they helped me choose the perfect color with high quality material. Quite happy with what I got. Great service and great follow up. I strongly recommend to everyone who is looking for quality flooring.
Robert Jack
Robert Jack
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Unlike the big box stores, very friendly, personalized customer service. They have one of the largest selection of the flooring materials in Columbus. Having the huge inventory of vinyl flooring, they helped me match the flooring with my interior design in the best way possible.
Anthony Michael
Anthony Michael
Read More
This incredible store has plenty of flooring options. I bought vinyl plank flooring for my living room couple months ago and pretty happy with what I got. They have a lot of other options like hardwood & more that you won't find in most places. Strongly recommended.

The Durability of Vinyl Flooring That Endures

At Columbus Flooring City, our vinyl flooring is engineered to withstand the demands of daily life. ensuring longevity and performance to endure the test of time, Our vinyl flooring is meticulously crafted with material suitable for high-traffic areas and busy households. 

Experience peace of mind with our waterproof vinyl flooring options. Ideal to provide a protective barrier, our vinyl flooring prevents damage while maintaining its integrity even in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Find premium vinyl flooring near Dublin, Ohio.

Experience Functional Excellence with Luxury Vinyl Flooring 

At Columbus Flooring City, our vinyl flooring aesthetically plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming and stylish home. Explore a diverse range of styles and colors that cater to various design preferences. Offering a perfect blend of beauty and practicality, our vinyl flooring replicates the natural look and feel of hardwood. Enjoy the visual appeal of authentic materials without compromising on the benefits of vinyl.

Luxurious Appearance in Vinyl Flooring Installation 

Choosing the right flooring is just the beginning of transforming your space. Professional installation by Columbus Flooring City is the key to achieving flawless and lasting results. Our skilled installers approach each project with precision and attention to detail. Explore the versatility of our vinyl plank flooring near Dublin, available in various styles and colors to suit your unique taste.

From accurate measurements to meticulous installation techniques, we ensure that every vinyl plank fits seamlessly, creating a polished and cohesive look. Our expert vinyl plank flooring installers ensure a flawless installation for a polished and professional look.

Columbus Flooring City: Your Affordable Flooring Destination in Dublin

At Columbus Flooring City, we stand out as your premier flooring destination in Dublin. Offering a unique and unparalleled experience, a vast selection of flooring options cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Our diverse range of high-quality products makes us the ideal vinyl flooring store near Dublin. 

At Columbus Flooring City, we offer expert vinyl flooring installation near Dublin, ensuring a seamless process. Personalize your space with unique finishes, stains, and sizes of discount vinyl flooring planks.

The Cost Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Per square foot, vinyl plank flooring is one of the most economical options of flooring that you can choose from. On average, you can expect to spend $2-$12 per square foot installing vinyl plank flooring.

Where To Buy Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you want luxury waterproof vinyl plank flooring for your next home redo, you can get it at an affordable rate from Columbus Flooring City. We have durable and affordable vinyl flooring choices in various colors, so you can find one that will fit your style. So, head to our store now to place your order now.

Luxurious And Stylish Vinyl Plank Flooring

Each piece of Luxury Vinyl plank flooring in Columbus, Ohio, has a visual layer depicting a hardwood, stone, or ceramic look and a textured surface layer designed to imitate the feel of natural wood grains and minerals. LVP Flooring is durable, versatile, affordable, and able to withstand moisture and heavy foot traffic.

Our high-quality vinyl plank flooring is available in different colors, has a slightly varying thickness of half an inch, and is widely available in sizes up to twelve feet. Ultimate Guide to Vinyl Plank flooring

Columbus Flooring City deals in Quality Planks Vinyl plank flooring that comes with lesser cost than wooden flooring. it is also available in rich and varied colors. This is one of the popular types of flooring in Columbus, Ohio. The most of the expatriates prefer this flooring over the wooden ones.

First learn about how to install luxury flooring before you decide to purchase them. There are many advantages of vinyl plank flooring:

1. Affordable cost
2. Easy to install
3. Easy to maintain, etc.

If you have some experience in installing vinyl flooring, then this should not be a problem. Just do it yourself and save on the expensive professional cost. It would be best to fill the complete gaps in luxury vinyl plank flooring because it would enhance the room’s appearance.

Once you install the vinyl plank floor, it will last for decades and will look like new for many more years. Most contractors will advise that you clean them once in a fortnight by sweeping or mopping the floor. If you choose the bare wood option, you can sweep the floor or mop it and then finish cleaning the floor at least twice a month.

If you are worried about dust, then you should go for this option as well. You can get the dust mopped with a vacuum cleaner or an old towel.
After using the vacuum cleaner, dry the floor in an excellent condition as any dirt or dust will remain behind if the floor is not completely dried before applying a finish. Do not over wet the floor as it may cause discoloration and can lead to cracking if it gets waterlogged.

When you finish cleaning the floor, clean up any spills that you may have missed before wiping them away and let them dry before applying the finish.
You can also consider the quality vinyl plank flooring that you use as there are varieties available. Some of them are stain-resistant and are suitable for bathrooms, while others are suitable for the kitchen. You can choose the right material based on the area where you will be using the flooring.
Vinyl Flooring is a plastic laminate covering that comes in continuous, comprehensive, long sheets. It is much like linoleum, but it has been outfitted with a peel and stick adhesive that makes installation easy. In addition, vinyl flooring perfect for bathroom and kitchen flooring, as it is both easy to clean and stands up well to foot traffic.

It is also an ideal choice for outdoor flooring, as it does not rot or attract mildew. People like vinyl over carpets because vinyl flooring requires far less regular sweeping, mopping, and damp mopping than traditional carpets. It is far more difficult for carpet pieces to shrink after they are installed in a home.

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People like vinyl flooring for various reasons. Vinyl flooring has become extremely popular in recent years. It’s great for any room in the house, and it comes in a variety of attractive designs, colors, and styles. In addition, the vinyl floor is nearly impermeable to moisture, unlike linoleum, which often comes with stiff interlocking tiles, and even vinyl plank flooring, which comes in individual interlocking sheets.
Vinyl Flooring has a ton of benefits that make it the best choice for almost any home. When it comes to flooring, take the benefits of vinyl flooring into account. Vinyl flooring has various advantages or benefits; that is why many homeowners prefer it over other flooring types.

  • Suitable for high foot traffic
  • Enough durable and reliable
  • It is Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Heat resistance
  • Range of colors and pattern It is affordable

Usually, there are four layers in vinyl plank flooring. The layer is the key factor that defines the durability of the flooring.

  • Wear layers: These layers protect the floor from fading, wear, and scratches
  • Printed layers: printed layer developed the look of real wood.
  • Vinyl core: LVP, WPC, SPC, peel, and stick are the authentic core of the floor.
  • Backing layer: These layers provide underfoot mitigate.

Vinyl Flooring installation cost varies according to the area where to install, specific vinyl flooring but a good rule of thumb is $2 to $5 a sq. ft. as defined above installation of vinyl flooring is easy can install by “DIY.”

We delivers the best product. You can the desired flooring with appropriate size and thickness. Remember waterproof vinyl plank flooring work greatly in bathrooms and kitchen and other water-prone areas. Remember vinyl floors work greatly in bathrooms and kitchen and other water-prone areas. We provide vinyl flooring that is easy to clean and do not need any tough upkeep. These floors make your home a dream place to live.

Vinyl is a highly durable and economical flooring material. However, at our store, infinite color palettes are available. You can easily select one of your choices. Remember our luxury vinyl flooring collection is cost-friendly as well as environmentally friendly. From our platform, you can also buy grey and white vinyl plank flooring with several textures.

Quality vinyl floors usually last for decades. However, lifespan mainly depends on care and attention. If you really want to have unique flooring go for luxurious vinyl. Our wide range collection is a favourite among homeowners as well as flooring dealers.

Another factor for opting for vinyl flooring is the installation mechanism. We provides vinyl flooring that is easy to install. It is basically a DIY project. Moreover, there is no cost for professional installation.

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