15 interesting facts about luxury vinyl flooring

Unquestionably, you come across certain negative aspects of Luxuary vinyl flooring. There are specific incredible facts about Luxury Vinyl flooring. Much of the information is due to a lack of desire to deviate towards some more friendly option instead of hardwood and ceramic tiles.

 Vinyl flooring is one of the best options that make any home foundation. Either you are short on budget or strict in timing, vinyl serves you an incredible foundation.  

Vinyl planks are composed of polyvinyl chloride and other synthetic compounds. Perhaps it is a hard ground fact, and luxury vinyl flooring provides a realistic 3D look and ultimate durable and ultra-protective floor covering. There are a lot of options to select from. One of the most useful facts to opt for this option is Vinyl flooring mimics hardwood and ceramics.

Unlike other floorings, there are a lot of options for installation. Luxury vinyl flooring is either glued down or layered directly. There are specific in-depth facts about vinyl flooring that are not so common and can cause a hindrance before its selection.

Vinyl flooring exists in many designs and patterns, along with a myriad of colors and styles. If you are moving ahead with your home renovation, consider the below-mentioned unbelievable facts about this astonishing floor type.

Facts about Vinyl Flooring 



let’s discuss all facts in details 

  1. Everlasting designs
  2. The natural beauty and incredible looks
  3. Ultimate durability
  4. DIY installation
  5. Safe and secure
  6. Easy cleanliness
  7. Uniquely Versatile
  8. Amazing choices
  9. Realistic flooring
  10. Water resistance
  11. Highly economical
  12. Trending
  13. Highly resilient
  14. Lunar aesthetics
  15. Highly reputable brands

1. Everlasting Designs

Vinyl flooring has specific incredible designs. Vinyl tiles are built with innovative designs and the latest technology. Modern technology is capable of producing fantastic vinyl plank designs that simulate hardwood, stone, or ceramic. Vinyl floors offer durability. It is a worthy lifetime investment. Highly resistant against dents, scratches, scuff, and stains.

2. Natural Beauty and Incredible Look

Luxury vinyl plank flooring has a firm agreement with natural looks.  Stones and wood-like beauty at a limited cost are a great feature. Vinyl flooring ranges from light to dark tones and also in between.

Timeless flooring option having a new grace is found in life proof vinyl flooring. Regardless of home-style, you have plenty of options to choose style, design, and colors.  Contrasts and other mixes are also available on the latest vinyl floors.


3. Ultimate Durability

Luxury vinyl tiles are fabricated with high-quality materials. Materials used to ensure enhanced durability and long life.  Tiles are glazed with ceramic materials that have developed a strong resistance against scratches and dents. Read Ultimate guide to luxury vinyl plank flooring Waterproof vinyl flooring has the extra privilege to resist moisture that can cause any severe loss. High durable vinyl planks area present in Columbus flooring city at affordable price.

4. DIY Installation 

Luxury vinyl floors don’t require any challenging installation process. Floors are DIY install. Vinyl floors have a click-lock system, and you can install it as soon as they arrive home. No professional consultation is required. Click lock strategy provides excellent stability and a robust and rigid core that is not easily affected. Besides other facts, vinyl has a good absorption ability that contributes to a quiet and peaceful space. Black vinyl tiles provide a cozy and premium look.

5. Safe and Secure 

While home renovation, safety considerations are vital. The selection of safe flooring that provides both health and comfort is indeed essential. Vinyl floors are phthalate-free, and the best vinyl flooring is easy to walk on and provides a healthy and great life ahead.  Read more How to choose best vinyl plank/sheets/tiles flooring in blog section 

6. Easy Cleaning 

Vinyl floors require the least maintenance. Properly glazed with ceramic material, vinyl tiles provide a smooth surface. The latest vinyl Floors need little care and cleaning. Regular mopping and wet cleaning are enough once a week. Harsh and abrasive chemicals will affect badly. The protective coating is mainly aligned to deal with extra wear and tear. Moreover, if appropriately cleaned, Dirt, scuff, and grime will not affect its shine or gloss.

7. Uniquely Versatile 

The latest vinyl plank flooring is made by using the latest technologies.  3D technology is used to provide an ultra-beautiful image.  It is just like thin imagery.  The 3D image creates unique designs on LVT. Vinyl is an incredible option that strongly mimics the natural floors. It appears like ceramics, hardwood, or marble. Highly versatile and incredibly mimicry to other flooring make vinyl a leading choice among home designers.

8. Amazing choices 

One crucial fact behind its extraordinary fame is the availability of choices. Vinyl flooring exists in almost all shapes and sizes. Size may vary according to the home owner’s choice and on the manufacturer directly.

 Apart from shapes, different lengths and widths are also available. Vinyl planks exist in 12X12 inches, 18×18 inches, 12×24 inches, or many more. People mostly prefer vinyl planks because it resembles hardwood. Basements in any home are usually prone to flooding; waterproof vinyl planks are an excellent option for such water prone areas.

9. Realistic flooring 

It is an unbelievable fact that vinyl floors realistically replicate the natural flooring materials. Luxury vinyl tile provides a fantastic natural look and an incredible feeling of comfort.  As compared to real deals, vinyl planks are available at a reasonable price in the flooring market.  Perhaps this is a beautiful fact about vinyl plank flooring and LVT.

10. Water Resistance 

Waterproof luxury vinyl is one of the excellent options for basements and kitchens. Luxury vinyl planks have a great property of water resistance and spills.  It’s essential to understand how you can install vinyl floors over the subfloor.  Water seepage is not an issue on vinyl floors.

11. Highly Economical 

Vinyl flooring is cost-friendly.  It’s one of the best foundations if you have a tight budget. Vinyl floorings are highly economical, regardless of location. An incredible flooring option for both residential and commercial utilizations. Luxury vinyl tile provides a great look with natural elegance. You can quickly get budget-friendly vinyl floors from Columbus flooring city Ohio.

12. Trending 

Vinyl floors are the latest 2020 floors. It is destined for a natural look. Luxury planks are practical options that own a premium look and special texture formats.  So be trendy and buy luxury vinyl floors today from Columbus flooring city. All three types, either its vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, or vinyl plank, Read Common types of luxury vinyl flooring luxury vinyl sheet floors vs luxury vinyl tile floors provide a fantastic trendy and cozy look to the home foundation.

13. Highly Resilient 

Vinyl is also known as a resilient flooring option. Luxury vinyl shows high resilience than most of the other flooring types. Wear layers, and protective backings provide excellent strength.

Multiple layers and coating on the surface ensure a smooth and comfortable walk. Vinyl is designed to last for an extended period. As compared to ceramic and marble flooring, vinyl has excellent properties. It ensures safety and a perfect layout. Incorporating vinyl as your home foundation is indeed remarkable.

14. Lunar Aesthetics 

If you are in search of a great industrial look, vinyl is a great choice. Vinyl floors are both practical and functional in purpose. It’s quite simple to toss away Inflexible ideas and all the misconceptions associated with old vinyl floors in the past.

At present, homeowners and architectural engineers are using vinyl floors up to a great extent. Due to lousy fame and misapprehensions, vinyl has lost its position, but now it’s again getting superior to extra costly hardwood and stone floors.

15. Highly Reputable Brands 

Certain reputable brands deal with great vinyl flooring. Home depot vinyl flooring and Shaw vinyl floors are known as the top brand that deals with original vinyl-based floors. Suppose you are looking for some environmental-friendly option, then it is better than many. Vinyl has better Leeds in commercial applications. Luxury vinyl fulfills all the requirements that are mandatory for green infrastructure.


 These are all the incredible facts regarding Luxuary vinyl flooring. You may are unaware of the fact that vinyl is a top-notch flooring choice around the globe. Highly durable, extremely safe, affordable to a great extent, water resistance, DIY installation, and much more. Vinyl flooring is getting popular because of these hidden facts. Home renovation is now not more tough and daunting, rather than lively and enthusiastic.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How to Maintain Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain. You can use a soft broom to eradicate loose dirt and dust particles. Clean the floor with a damp cloth or mop.

Never apply harsh chemicals or an abrasive floor cleaner. It will cause the floor to lose its shine. The harsh chemical will damage the floor up to a great extent. 

2. What Are The Cons Of Vinyl Plank Flooring?

There are certain disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring

  • It cannot be repaired
  • It emits certain toxic compounds
  • harms the home resale value
  • Difficult to remove
  • Vinyl flooring is challenging to recycle and reuse

3. What Is The Main Difference Between LVP And LVT?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is designed to mimic the look of solid wood flooring. However, on the other hand, luxury vinyl tiles mimic the look of ceramic tiles and stone floors.

4. What Flooring in 2020 Trends?

Lighter tones are the favorite among homeowners during 2020.  The most common flooring types in the 2020 trend mainly include hardwood, ceramics, stone, laminate, and luxury vinyl.

5. How Does Vinyl Flooring Last?

Best Luxury Vinyl flooring lasts for 10- 20 years. This period will increase or decrease depending on the maintenance and care routine.


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