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Vinyl is becoming a hot selling flooring from the last many decades. In fact today’s vinyl floors are proficient in providing comfort and warmth to your home. Vinyl floors add texture and a unique character to any foundation regardless of the space.

 There are certain types of vinyl flooring. One is known as standard vinyl or the other type is known as luxury vinyl. You may or may not have an idea of how both types stack on each other.

Standard and luxury vinyl floors come in multitude of colors and textures. Wide available in plethora in terms of designs, prints and styles. If you really wish to endure a realistic floor that strongly mimics the expensive hardwood luxury vinyl flooring is the best choice.

Standard vinyl floors and luxury vinyl floors have a basic difference in construction mechanics.  Standard vinyl floors are only 1mm thick and with less no of layers however luxury vinyl is more than 5mm thick or approx. 5mm thick. Thickness of the two types provides different level of comfort underfoot.

Given below is a comprehensive differentiation between the two floorings let read one by one



Major difference between the two types lie on the basis of

  • Construction Mechanics
  • Aesthetic Appearance
  • Size And Texture
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Life span
  • Heat Insulation
  • Installation
  • Buying Cost
  • Comfort
  • Resale value
  • Cleaning

 Construction Mechanics (Standard Vinyl)

Standard vinyl floors and luxury vinyl floors have a great difference in construction process.  Traditional vinyl floors are flexible sheets or colorful square tiles. Standard vinyl flooring comprises felt or mainly fiber glass composition.  Read more Vinyl sheets vs vinyl planks what’s the difference

Fiberglass makes a thin layer by which solid vinyl is attached. Both the products form a strong bond with each other. Prints are imbued on the upper layer with protective glaze. Standard vinyl floor is thin. Thickness of traditional vinyl sheets is  not more than 1mm. in terms of wear layers  standard vinyl only holds a thickness of 10-15 mm.

 Construction Mechanics (Luxury Vinyl)

Perhaps luxury vinyl floors are also made of same PVC material.  But there are still many differences from standard vinyl floors.  Luxury vinyl is available in the market in the form of long vinyl planks or vinyl tiles. Wear layers in luxury vinyl constitute a thickness of 2-8 mm thick. They are most probably semi rigid. As compared to standard vinyl, luxury vinyl holds more thickness.

Luxury vinyl is composed of 6-8 layers of construction materials that is mainly poly vinyl chloride. Floor tops is coated with a protective colorful layer that resist damage. It contains a cushion coat to provide a comfortable and healthy walk. Luxury vinyl floor strongly mimics the natural wood or stone like appearance.  In short it enhances the elegance of any place.

Aesthetic Appearance (Standard Vinyl)

Standard vinyl comes in the form of vinyl sheets and vinyl tiles. Traditional vinyl closely resembles ceramics or stone like floor. Apart from this appearance standard vinyl flooring has plenty of designs, patterns and textures.  

For further information bear in mind that standard vinyl floor is also available in wood is quite soft and right after installation cracks , lines and holes begin to appear on any hard encounter. Undoubtedly this is not so appealing and convincing.

Aesthetic Appearance (Luxury Vinyl)

 Luxury vinyl flooring is available in the form of LVP AND LVT. Vinyl planks are composed of wood-like material and depict a wooden foundation. On the other hand luxury vinyl tiles have a strong mimicry with ceramics and stoned texture.  Luxury vinyl flooring is available in overabundance in terms of designs, textures, patterns and realistic look. Probably wooden appearance is highly alluring and makes your home 100X better than laminate.

Size And Texture (Standard Vinyl)

Standard vinyl sheets are usually available in the form of long and wide rolls. Vinyl rolls usually have a length of 6-12 feet. Standard vinyl tiles are 9-18 per square inch.

Size And Texture (Luxury Vinyl)

 Luxury vinyl flooring mostly comes in the form of long vinyl planks or vinyl tiles. Usually planks size is 48 inches x 4 ½ inches. Vinyl tiles come in both small and large sizes.  Typical size tile is 16×16 per square inch.

Moisture Resistance (Standard Vinyl)

In case of moisture resistance standard vinyl sheets are more resistant to water. Waterproof sheet vinyl works best in the bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.  Certainly in the areas that are more prone to water.  Vinyl sheets do not allow water penetration.

Moisture Resistance (Luxury Vinyl)

 Luxury vinyl planks are made of material that is impervious in nature. Water proofing material do not allow the water to move in the underlayment. However there seams or cracks in the planks that might cause water to move down.

In short both types are good at absorbing moisture. Standard and luxury vinyl works best in bathrooms and kitchens.

Lifespan (Standard Vinyl)

Standard vinyl floors are undoubtedly durable. Anyhow the expected lifetime of standard vinyl sheets and tiles is approximately 10 years. However if you have opted for good quality it can also last for 15 years.

Lifespan (Luxury Vinyl)

Luxury vinyl is no doubt more durable. It has more thickness. Extensive wear layers and protective backing on luxury vinyl makes it life expectancy generally in between 29-25 years. Read Common types of luxury vinyl plank flooring luxury vinyl sheet floors vs luxury vinyl tile floors .for better life span take proper caring of your floor.

Heat Insulation (Standard Vinyl)

Standard vinyl has a good insulation against heat. However any hot object, hot appliances or iron may cause serious damage. Sheet will eventually melt or burn.

Heat Insulation (Luxury Vinyl)

 In case of luxury vinyl flooring heat insulation is more appropriate. Vinyl planks and vinyl tiles do not get much affected by heat. Apart from good insulation, durability of vinyl makes it workable in hot prone areas.

Installation (Standard Vinyl)

Standard vinyl floors come under the category of adhesive floors. Sheets are glued down to subfloor with the help of any acrylic resins or adhesive.  Standard vinyl comes in various types that are bonded with subfloor along the perimeter that secures the floor with the help of glue. Glued down bonds is a great characteristic of standard vinyl flooring.

Installation (Luxury Vinyl)

Installation mechanism of luxury vinyl is different from standard vinyl.  In case of luxury vinyl planks or tiles no glued down bonds are required. Instead of glue tiles and planks follow the click lock strategy. Planks are interlocked. Luxury vinyl follows a floating mechanism. It is placed in a freely floating manner right above the subfloor.

Buying Cost (Standard Vinyl)

Standard vinyl sheet is cost friendly. Per square feet cost is $ 0.50 to $2. It is available in any flooring shop. If you are living in Columbus you can buy the vinyl sheets from Columbus flooring city.  Undoubtedly it’s quite easy to install.  DIY mechanism makes it more favorable choice among homeowners.

Buying Cost (Luxury Vinyl)

Luxury vinyl planks or vinyl tiles are also affordable. It ranges in between $2 to $4 per square feet. It can lead up to $7 per square feet. Cost varies depending on the quality. However it’s a floating flour and does not require any professional help.

Resale Value (Standard Vinyl)

Standard vinyl sheets and standard vinyl tiles are durable. Although affordable, they do not have any effect on home resale in the real estate industry.

 Resale Value (Luxury Vinyl)

Luxury vinyl flooring is top notch choice, undoubtedly highly durable. It effects the resale value but not up to a great extent.  Luxury vinyl is a best option. It is often more preferable than laminate and vinyl sheets.

Comfort (Standard Vinyl)

Standard vinyl sheets is relatively thin material. When it comes to comfort due to lack of extensive backing it does not provide smooth and soft flooring.  It is hard and do not work properly if installed over concrete.

Comfort (Luxury Vinyl)

Top quality luxury vinyl flooring is best for walking. Life proof vinyl floors have soft texture and promotes comfortable walk. Health and wellbeing is prime priority. You do not feel exhausted even after standing for a longer period. Luxury vinyl tiles area esthetically appealing and equally comfortable.

Learn more How to choose best vinyl plank/sheets/tiles flooring

Cleaning (Standard Vinyl)

Standard vinyl is easy to clean.  Standard vinyl sheets own a shiny look.  Though you can follow these cleaning tips

  • Regular mopping
  • Damp cloth cleaning
  • Don’t use abrasive chemicals
  • Always apply branded mild solutions.

Cleaning (Luxury Vinyl)

Luxury vinyl plank is easy to clean.  Life proof vinyl tiles own a gleaming look.  Nevertheless you can follow these cleaning tips

  • Regular mopping
  • Damp cloth cleaning
  • Don’t use abrasive chemicals
  • Always apply branded mild solutions.


According to above mentioned factors it’s quite obvious that luxury vinyl is a perfect choice in terms of all the aspects. If you are tight on budget you can also prefer standard sheets. If you really wish for seemingly endless beauty and elegant foundation believe me! There is nothing better than luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl is one of the durable and functional flooring.


  Construction  Standard vinyl
Not more than 1 mm thick made of sheets and wear layers
Luxury vinyl
5 mm thick with protective backings , wear layers and  extra coats
Durability Durable Highly durable
Installation DIY or glued down installation Floating installation
Buying cost Starts from$0.5 Starts from $2
Resale value No effect in real estate Effects a little more as compared to standard vinyl flooring
Life span 10-15 years 20-25 years

 Frequently Asked Questions


Starling Minds Online CBT Program FAQs | Starling Minds

1. What Is The Difference Between Vinyl Floors And Luxury Vinyl Floors?

Traditional vinyl floors and luxury vinyl floors have major differences. The luxury vinyl floor provides a 3D realistic look. However on the other hand traditional floors give a casual look.

The second main difference is between the thicknesses of the two. Luxury vinyl is almost 5 mm thick having more durability than traditional vinyl that is 1 mm thick.

2. Is Luxury Vinyl Better Than Laminate Flooring?

Luxury vinyl and laminate floors both have mutual characteristics. Both types are highly durable and affordable. The main difference that lies in both of the two types is moisture resistance. Luxury vinyl is better in water resistance as compared to laminate.

3. Is Luxury Vinyl Good For High-End Homes?

Luxury vinyl flooring provides warmth and adds character to any home. It resists attack from sharp objects, spills, seepage and much more.  Luxury vinyl floor is an excellent choice for all homes.

4. Do Vinyl Floorings Look Cheap?

No, all vinyl floors do not look cheap.  Vinyl floors although need cleaning and maintenance. Some types are quite low in the rate but do not look cheap.

5. What Are The Disadvantages Of Vinyl Floors?

Every flooring has certain advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl floors are highly durable but carelessness will lead to any damage.

  • It is not repairable.
  • It releases Volatile organic compounds in the environment.
  • Shorter life span
  • Difficult to remove with the new one.
  • Sometimes need professional help.

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