Antique Alaska

The Antique Collection is made using a 3mm solid sawn layer of German / French Oak lumber on top of a balanced base of softer solid wood substrate.

This 3-ply construction, using solid lumber as the core product, makes the finished flooring more stable compared to other engineered products using a plywood core. Installation can be done at any living level, even over concrete, and can be nailed, glued, or floated.

Due to a special aging process of wirebrushing, hand scraping and distressing each individual board we provide a unique appearance. Unlike flooring distressed by machines, this process creates an authentic and random distressed look.

Most urethane finished floors are little more than a layer of plastic on top of the wood flooring. This plastic layer is subject to scratches and damage before, during and after installation. Repair to this finish requires professional buffing and recoating of the entire floor. Our process of a UV-Oil finish is uniquely different.

UV-Oiled floors are extremely low maintenance. Scratches and scuffs can be easily repaired without the sanding that a urethane finish would typically require.

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