Best home redmodelling with luxury vinyl flooring


Are you looking for a premium quality Home remodeling? Does your floor look dull or boring or attracts you no more? No doubt you are worried or feeling disgusted with all this scenario. PVC vinyl flooring with the best Home remodeling properties is not available in a credible range. Luxury vinyl flooring is highly versatile. 

Regardless of space, whether it’s your entire home, Livingroom, dining room, or bathroom, vinyl floor planks exist in all sizes.  Apart from the luxurious look, vinyl floors are environmentally friendly as well as budget-friendly. Incorporating these floors in your home means that you are now out of the danger zone.

 You can use your floor for sitting and laying and can do all activities freely. Vinyl planks are easy to clean and maintain.

If you are looking for unparalleled home design and ultimate beauty vinyl material will work best.  Luxury vinyl flooring is extensively prevalent in 2023. It is a beautiful choice in making your home aesthetically more pronounced and loveable. Highly durable and low-cost value make PVC vinyl excessive for most of homeowners.

It exists in various designs and types. However, the luxurious quality will work best for you. Undoubtedly wide planks of vinyl will work for every part of your home. So, it is moisture-resistant and ensures tranquil instalment.

Latest vinyl floors are synthetic. Besides all the information, people mostly confuse luxurious vinyl flooring with laminate and linoleum.  Beyond all the elegant advantages vinyl tiles just like planks are getting wonderful day by day.  Beautiful and realistic like wood these Floors can stand up with high stress.

Given below is the complete vinyl flooring guide that how this flooring will transform your home in a dream place- So, let’s begin

Bedrooms and Living rooms


 While Home remodeling, finalizing your bedrooms and living room is just like staying-in-an-rut. Self-satisfaction for these places is tricky. There are specific parameters that you need to consider. For vinyl planks in living rooms and bedrooms depends basically on the style and location.

Traffic, kids and pets also determine the lifespan of vinyl floors. Living rooms are perfect conversation spots. Bedrooms are basically for comfort and relaxation.

Given below are the features that make vinyl flooring a perfect choice

  • Perfect cozy and comfortable flooring.
  • Inoculate stylish and trendy looks.
  • Enhance the smoothness and support.
  • Impeccable for a complacent walk.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Can efficiently absorb sounds. Provide amazing warmth.
  • It truly mimics the wooden finishes.

To enhance the lifespan of flooring, use some rugs or carpets at entrance points. The minimum is the contact with dirt, and spills longer will be the lifetime. Don’t ignore cleaning tips else you will regret later on.


Have you ever wondered what the most notable thing in your home is after bedrooms or living rooms? Yeah! You are right; this is your bathroom. To add extra interior value to your home, consider adding the latest flooring or some wall embellishments.   Every place has its own needs.  Bathrooms in any home are the moist place. Most of the water is used here.

To have a luxurious look consider adding vinyl flooring in bathrooms. This flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Durable yet fashionable. Vinyl plank flooring is one of the evident alternatives to historical tiles and much more. It just looks like a stone tile but much higher in durability.  Undoubtedly this is a stylish solution.

For bathrooms renovation in home remodeling, vinyl planks hold these properties.

  • Luxury vinyl floors are Fashionable, durable, stylish and comfortable.
  • Highly luxurious and easy installation.
  • The wide array of colors and prints. Choose the one that suits you well.
  • Can easily uphold moisture, stains, spills and seepage.
  • Luxurious planks provide premium home remodel.
  • Provide highly affordable and consistent options.
  • The fresh look and induce a contemporary touch.

 Clean your home irrespective of the place.  Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or living room, pay equal heed to all interiors and exteriors of your home.



Wide vinyl planks are an excellent choice for kitchen renovation in Home remodeling. It is a resilient, highly versatile and perfect economical option. This material comes in hordes of colors, styles and patterns.

When compared to ceramic, tiles and hardwood vinyl also hold versatile distinct features. Amazingly elastic and extraordinary warmth make this material an excellent choice. Vinyl planks are realistic. This flooring holds many features such as utmost engraving process. Textures include wood, slate and leather.

 What properties make this cost-friendly option perfect for kitchen renovation while home remolding. Let’s read below.

  • It’s tough. Highly durable with extraordinary properties to withhold scratches and stains.
  • Luxurious flooring is perfect in homes that have kids and pets. Easy cleaning makes it more appropriate for kitchens.
  • It resists bacterial and mold attacks. The antimicrobial properties of vinyl floors are exceptionally well appreciable.
  • DIY cleaning is necessary. Don’t delay. Frequently mop and wipe to maintain shine and gloss.
  • Avoid waxing and buffing.

Why Luxury vinyl flooring for Home remodeling?

Vinyl flooring holds specific best properties.  Just by looking at each property, you will move one step further to opt for this option. 

Best vinyl flooring with luxurious looks is available at Columbus flooring city. Now getting the latest and largest size planks at affordable prices is no more difficult. For a perfect home renovation in 2020 and beyond, buy PVC vinyl today.


Luxury vinyl planks are extensively durable. Usually have a lifespan of 25 years only if it is properly cleaned. It is thick and heavy solid and lasts more than any other flooring, even vinyl sheets.

Sizes of vinyl flooring

It comes in various forms. It is available in the market in the way of sheets and tiles.  Commonly available planks size is 48 inches x 4 ½ inches.  Tiles are 16×16 inches. This is not hard, and fast size variation also exists.

Resale Value

 This flooring has got an upper position over sheet vinyl. Real estate value is also more. However, vinyl is not like wood. But with the evolution in construction. It has got popularity and yes it’s much better than laminates.

Comfort and Sound

This Luxury flooring is relatively thicker. Vinyl floors feel soft and have better sound absorbance. Wider planks have better resistance than standard flooring planks. You can also add underlying layers. Therefore, you can enhance the comfort level in your home.

Cost friendly

Home remodeling is straightforward. Just like earlier days you don’t have to make plans year before. Regular renovation is time-consuming and needs a high budget.  This appears to be one of the highly affordable flooring choices. But keep in mind different planks hold different thickness levels. Cost is determined based on plank thickness, brand and pattern.  If you are living in Columbus, you can easily buy this flooring.

Diverse Matchless finishes

Latest PVC vinyl planks are available in a myriad of patterns, styles, designs and looks. If you look around the market, you will find many options. Stone, tiles and wooden grains are easily observed. Luxurious planks are highly simulating. Now it’s easy to find out the hardwood like loo with this less costly option.

 More Durable and Resilient Than Ever

 Unquestionably every one of us always likes to opt for durable options in the home. You cannot do a home renovation in the blink of an eye. Cost friendly floors are resilient.  Now, this flooring is also available in a wood-plastic composite that is one step forward for higher durability.  Also, If it is not maintained correctly, it will be prone to damage and scratching.

Easy maintenance

Luxurious vinyl planks are resistant and resilient. It has a protective covering that prevents it from getting damaged quickly. These floors don’t hold dirt and stain.  Easy to maintain and clean than a concrete hardwood floor. Therefore Occasional moping and wiping are required to sustain shine.

Simple dynamic installation

With the advancement in vinyl tiles, floor renovation becomes more relaxed. Vinyl tiles perform a functional role and a perfect alternative to bulky and inconvenient heavy traditional tiles. The DIY vinyl installation has made this option more achievable. Installation of this flooring is favourite among homeowners.

High insulation and moisture Resistance

Waterproof vinyl flooring is an inordinate option.  Good insulation enhances efficiency. It feels too good while walking. These planks are different from solid wood planks. Printed vinyl provides luxurious looks as compared to simple redwood. Unlike wood, floor vinyl works best in kitchens and bathrooms.

Last but not least, vinyl will work best for your home. If you are finding a suitable flooring, buy these affordable floor planks today from Columbus flooring city.

Remarkable performance for so many years this flooring has a premium position in the heart of home designers.  With various benefits and unique features, this is your next best.

Concluding verdict

Excellent Vinyl plank flooring has for quite some time been a right deck decision for front rooms and rooms. Today hardwood flooring is notwithstanding, because of innovative progressions in both creation and plan, this flooring gives an appealing and reasonable other option.

Because of its capacity to sensibly mirror genuine wood or clay tiles, property holders would now be able to appreciate the feel of everyday materials, however, at a more available value point.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you use to fill gaps in vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl floors are highly versatile. If you are using vinyl floors over concrete or cement, then no extra addition is required, however, if there is any underfloor seepage then you can cover it with a moisture barrier.

2. How do you cover vinyl plank flooring?

You can use floor mats, rugs and carpets to cover floors. To enhance life span always make sure to frequent cleaning and maintenance.

3. Do you have to put anything under vinyl flooring?

No, there is not any requirement. Unless and until your floors are significantly damaged, and conditions are favourable, there is no need to place anything.

4. Do vinyl floors expand or contract?

Unless and until there are extreme conditions of weather and moisture then there is a chance of expansion, under normal conditions, this flooring does not have any severe expansion and contractions.

5. From where I can buy the latest vinyl flooring?

You can buy vinyl planks for your Home remodeling from any place local flooring showroom. However, if you are living in the mighty Columbus area, you can buy it from Columbus flooring city.

6. What is vinyl flooring?

PVC vinyl flooring is made up of polyvinyl chloride, along with the additives, stabilizers, pigments, resins and much more. This is one of the highly affordable flooring options. Easy to clean and maintain getting favourable among homeowners.