Vinyl Sheets Vs Vinyl Planks | Pros & Cons

Vinyl flooring comes in various forms such as vinyl sheets and vinyl planks with specific pros and cons. undoubtedly highly resilient, ultimately durable, functional, easy to maintain, but not repairable on damage and with no enhanced revenue on resale.

Flooring renovation today comes up with multiple options. A plethora of designs, textures, patterns, and premium look are the top-notch luxury vinyl flooring features.

Vinyl flooring exists in two primary forms, vinyl planks and vinyl sheets. Vinyl planks are easy to install, cost-friendly, moisture resistant and efficient aesthetics.

However, on the other hand, vinyl sheets are less thick and highly affordable. The moisture resistance of both types is almost the same. Perhaps both the kinds of flooring have certain advantages, and they vary widely in their visual and well as functional values.

Vinyl flooring meets all the possible requirements associated with any floor redoing Vinyl flooring due to its marvellous advantages, and high-end values are popular among homeowners.  Anyhow this flooring has certain kinds of benefits and obstruction as a whole.

Let’s boil down to every aspect that will help you in deciding your dream flooring

Vinyl sheets and vinyl planks vary in the following aspects.


vinyl sheet vs vinyl planks



 One of the main reasons behind opting for vinyl flooring is its aesthetic appearance. Aside from low in budget vinyl floors have plenty of designs, textures and attractive prints. Along with many patterns, vinyl floors can mimic certain floor types such as hardwood, ceramics and stone.

Vinyl Sheets

Sheet vinyl comes in the form of sheets. Beside that they exist in various designs and patterns there is not any repeated pattern. In short high visuals and unique prints make vinyl sheets an incredible flooring choice. Vinyl flooring prices vary from time to time.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

just like long planks. Whenever you wish for a floor that strongly stimulated the look of expensive flooring, vinyl plank is one of the best and latest flooring choice. Life proof vinyl plank flooring mimics strongly with stone and hardwood. Perhaps it is one of the most productive flooring types.

Water Resistance

Water-resistance is the main reason behind incorporating this flooring regardless of the location. You can use vinyl floors in the areas that are prone to water and can foster moulds readily. Luxury vinyl flooring is capable of dealing with moisture up to a great extent.

Vinyl Sheets

Almost certainly the vinyl sheets have least no of seams in between. Vinyl sheets are the key to flawless floors. They are bonded with adhesives and in the same pattern. Vinyl sheets are least vulnerable to moisture attack. You can easily use vinyl sheets in bathrooms, laundry, kitchen and certain other moisture-prone areas.

Vinyl Planks

Vinyl planks are long planks, just like wood. It also have a good resistance against moisture but relatively more liable to get damaged if exposed for long periods. You can use vinyl planks in all areas, either commercial or residential. In terms of moisture resistance, both the types inclined towards the beneficial flooring.


Vinyl flooring is probably one of the highly durable flooring categories. Luxury Vinyl is persistent and does tear and gouge easily. Although relatively softer than other flooring types but still better than money. Its modest durability is a lead factor behind its selection. Columbus flooring city Ohio offers life proof vinyl flooring at discounted prices.

 Keep in mind that don’t drop heavy appliances or slide furniture over the luxury vinyl floor. Permanent and persistent attacks will lead to more prominent scars and dents. After ten years, you ultimately have to remove the entire flooring.

Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl sheets are practical enough. Highly functional, but once the sheet develops a scar, you ultimately have to replace it.  The repaired portion is always visible. It’s quite noticeable that different patches are different in alignment and hence affect the aesthetic charm.

Vinyl Plank

When it comes to durability, nothing matches the vinyl planks. Vinyl plank flooring is easy to repair. Vinyl planks are usually placed with adhesives or can put in a floating manner as well. You can replace the damaged plank resulting in a flawless floor. Planks are highly functional, as well as practical.

Vinyl Sheet Vs Vinyl Planks

Pros Cons Pros Cons
A least expensive vinyl flooring option Not capable of providing realistic hardwood looks Elegant like hardwood

Not actually feels like hardwood on touch

High-quality sheet vinyl flooring has Wonder looks and designs Top-quality sheet vinyl flooring needs professional installation. It’s not DIY friendly Myriads of colours, techniques, and textures

Release volatile organic compounds with time

Top-quality Vinyl exist in a plethora of textures High cost Available in a wide variety of width and lengths Non- biodegradable
Highly resilient works well In bathrooms and kitchens Not a good option for living rooms and bedrooms Suitable for any room

Colours fade in direct sunlight exposure

Waterproof sheet vinyl is an excellent option for high traffic areas Not favoured by homeowners because of cheap materials in residential spaces Easy installation, usually follow floating structure or click-lock strategy

To quality, vinyl plank flooring is costly

Provides warmth and safe walk Release toxic compounds Top-notch flooring when compared with engineered wood or hardwood

Quickly develops scratches and dents

The right choice for a tight budget Very difficult to remove Easy to clean and maintain

Cannot be easily repaired on damage

Favourite among homeowners Not so resilient planks are 100% waterproof

Difficult to remove and replace


There is not any kind of particular damage from luxury vinyl flooring. Either its sheet or plank depends on your primary preference.  Larger sheets will help you in having less no seams as compared to planks. However, the installation of the planks is DIY friendly.

Vinyl Sheet

The vinyl sheet comes in the form of vinyl rolls. It’s almost 6-12 feet wide. You can cut it into various pieces as per your choice. 

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl planks come in the form of long wide planks. You can either place them directly or can cut at specific points according to the required size.


 Vinyl sheets are relatively more affordable as compared to planks. They are less thick and can stay within budget. In terms of cost, you can choose the one that fits in your price-effective strategy.

Vinyl Sheet

Most flooring shops and home improvement centres sell Vinyl at the average cost of $.50 to $1.50 per square feet. Price is the main factor behind its production in huge masses over a large scale.

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl planks follow adhesive installation. Peel and stick vinyl planks usually range in between $1.5-$3 per square feet.


 Perhaps the average life span of vinyl flooring is 10-2 years. Regardless of vinyl type vinyl flooring, life span highly depends on care and maintenance. Depending on the care, vinyl flooring can last even for a lifetime.

Vinyl Sheet

Good quality vinyl sheets can last for up to 20 years.  Anyhow, the typical life span of the vinyl sheet is not more than ten years.

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl planks usually last for 20-25 years, almost anyhow it again depends on the care and maintenance.

Resale Value

Standard vinyl flooring, both sheets and tiles, will still be considered a bargain, economy flooring material. While well-chosen shades and designs will alleviate the liability, no standard vinyl floor will have the prominence of other flooring materials. Where real estate value is critical, but you want Vinyl’s sound characteristics, luxury vinyl might be a wise choice.

Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl sheets are highly economical and a wise choice for water prone areas. However, it does not affect real estate resale value.

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl planks are also affordable flooring choice.  It also not affect resale value.


Annoying noise still leaves most of us annoyed. To have a sustainable life, the progressive movement is exciting. The main concerns of people across the globe are health and well-being.

Whether it’s the quality of your flooring or walls is most often considered. Indeed, providing good health is an ever-growing concern of homeowners, designers, contractors, and all firms. Both vinyl sheets and vinyl planks have good noise absorbance; anyhow vinyl planks lead vinyl sheets in this regard.


 Both types have different installation mechanica.

Vinyl Sheet

These are a superb choice for commercial places because of their higher affordability. Best quality vinyl sheets need professional installation at a high cost. Unfortunately, it does not belong to the DIY installation category. You can get the easy to install floors form Columbus flooring city

Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl planks don’t require any challenging installation process. Floors are DIY installed. Vinyl plank floors have a click-lock system, and you can install it as soon as they arrive home. No professional consultation is required.

Click lock strategy provides excellent stability and a robust and rigid core that is not easily affected. Besides other facts, Vinyl has a good absorption ability that contributes to a quiet and peaceful space. Black vinyl tiles provide a cosy and premium look.

Care and Cleaning

Vinyl flooring is straightforward to care for, and in this respect, there is no appreciable difference between tile and sheet vinyl. All that’s generally assumed is relatively simple sweeping and occasional damp mopping with soapy water.

Modern vinyl flooring has a very durable shiny wear layer. There is no need for waxing or additional top-coating anymore, if you use acrylic flooring coatings over the manufacturer matte finish, the flooring can indeed be yellow.

Vinyl Sheet

One of the most comfortable flooring types in terms of care and cleaning.

Vinyl Plank

 Vinyl planks are so easy to clean. No waxing and any matte finishing are required.

 Cleaning Tips

  1. Mop gently
  2. Never apply abrasive chemicals.
  3. Clean with only a damp cloth.
  4. Never apply wax or gloss.


Vinyl sheets and Vinyl both have salient features. Both are famous for their particular advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl sheets are only 1mm thick, and vinyl planks are almost 5 mm thick. However, you may need to have a know-how to gravitate towards the right choice. Read the post so that you can have a clear idea about all the prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions



 1. Which One Is A Better Choice Vinyl Sheet Vs Vinyl Planks?

Perhaps! Both vinyl sheets and vinyl planks have some mutual characteristics. Vinyl sheets are single layer and one 1mm thick. However, vinyl sheets and vinyl planks are thicker. Vinyl planks can handle extensive wear and tear. One mutual property is water resistance that is equally acceptable for both the types.

2. Is Sheet Vinyl Good?

Vinyl flooring is cost-friendly and highly durable. Vinyl sheets are suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. Highly water and can work for bathrooms, kitchen and moisture-prone areas.

3. Does Vinyl Flooring Come In The Form Rolls?

Vinyl sheets are available in the flooring market and home centres. Sheet vinyl comes in the form of rolls. Rolls are almost 12 feet wide that are cut into desired shape and size.

4. What Are The Disadvantages Of Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl flooring has certain disadvantages as well.

  • It is not easily repairable.
  • It releases VOCs in the environment.
  • Short lifespan
  • Do not affect resale value in real estate.
  • Not environmental friendly
  • Difficult to reuse

5. How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring has two primary methods of installation. One way is to place the planks in a floating manner directly on the floor. The second method is to glue down the vinyl floors with the subfloor. Both methods are equally used. However, always consider the subfloor condition.

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