7 latest Home Styling ideas with Resilient Vinyl Flooring

The resilient vinyl is known as one of the most up to date flooring options. It is the hottest of all flooring options. Resilient vinyl flooring is made of both natural and synthetic materials unique combo and mimics truly wood and stone floors. Unlike other flooring options resilient-vinyl exist in surfeit designs, patterns, styles and colours. 

If you are really planning to style your home like a mastermind with a highly affordable option then choose resilient vinyl. Home renovation is now not a big deal. With the availability of cost kindly, DIY friendly and waterproof flooring, home styling is just like a fun game.

 With resilient vinyl flooring, you can now style every area according to your own choice. Resilient vinyl works best in bathrooms, basements and kitchens. However, if you have children and pets in your home you can also use this multipurpose flooring in bedrooms and living rooms as well.

The resilient vinyl is known for its high versatility.It is also known as man made flooring. Assigned to perform many functions resilient vinyl is selling like hotcakes.

Without tallying any further ado let’s start with remarkable home styling types with resilient vinyl flooring

Styling Tips With Resilient Vinyl Flooring

Styling your home with your home foundation the right way is besieged. Given below are 7 most important tips that will bounce up the entire look into a modern villa

Home Styling Tips

  • Resilient vinyl floors a perfect choice
  • Styling your bathrooms
  • promote eclectic look to your kitchens
  • Versatility to your living rooms and bedrooms
  • backyards and hallways
  • entrances
  • basements
  • match your paints and furniture

Resilient Vinyl Floors A Perfect Choice

Resilient vinyl flooring is one of the best choices. It works in the best manner not only in residential but also in commercial places. 

  • One of the prime factors about resilient vinyl is that you can select one of your choices from a huge plethora,
  • With resilient-vinyl develop a look that suits your personality.
  • There are a lot of beautiful and stunning vinyl choices.
  • You can easily befriend the one that suits your budget and environment.
  • It’s pretty sure that you can find the one that is perfect in colours and most appropriate in size.
  • With a revolution in technology resilient vinyl flooring is now updated.

The resilient vinyl is no more just a sheet. It is one of the best choices if you are wishing to have an extraordinary look of wood and ceramics stone or tiles.

1. Styling Your Bathrooms

 Resilient Vinyl flooring is waterproof. It is one of the best choices in water prone areas. Bathrooms are highly vulnerable to get interacted with water for almost all 24 hours. Water always ends up on the washroom surface.

No doubt bathrooms are the least attention seekers.  But with vinyl planks water simply beads up on the surface and ready to get mop away in the next moment. In order to maintain a luxurious look in bathrooms spread the resilient vinyl and get appreciation later on.

Highly affordable.  Easily replaceable and moisture resistance properties make vinyl a top choice for styling your bathroom foundation.

2. Resilient Vinyl Floors and Eclectic Kitchens Looks

Resilient vinyl flooring is capable of providing an interesting texture to the kitchen surface. Vinyl flooring promotes a soft walk as compared to other hardwood, ceramics and stone flooring. Protective backing and strong wear layers are the key elements in providing an astonishing look.

Soft walks ensure flexibility and durability of resilient vinyl. Resilient vinyl can last for more than 20 years in kitchens. Long life span and functionality of flooring are the main factors behind its usage.

Resilient flooring is exceptionally durable and shows great resistance to water. But remember that everything in your home interiors needs extra care and concern. After all, vinyl is also a styling component and stays concerned with its maintenance. If any sharp surface counter with this flooring it will lose its glow and develop scratches that are totally irreparable.

3. Versatility to Your Living Rooms and Bedrooms

Resilient vinyl works efficiently in the moderate to high traffic areas.  Vinyl is one of the most selling materials in the USA. It has awfully replaced carpets and rugs in American homes.  Because of its great versatility, high durability and DIY friendly nature it is getting popular worldwide. read about advantages of vinyl flooring in Advantages of vinyl plank flooring in the blog section.

  You can make a combination of bed sheets and sofa covers with some resembling patterns. Besides the basic reasons behind its hot purchase resilient vinyl is available in surplus colours, pattern galore and seemingly endless alignments. Enhanced scratch resistance, resiliency to fade and ability to deal with spills and stains are the main intriguing aspects.

Decorate your bedrooms and living rooms foundation with this amazing flooring today. You can get your favourite resilient vinyl flooring from Columbus flooring city.

4. Entrances

Perhaps all kinds of vinyl flooring whether its luxury vinyl or resilient vinyl ensure a wear layer on top. Because of this protective surface vinyl has a good resistance to heavy traffic. Resilient vinyl tile is one of the best flooring materials for entryways. Read more in  Ultimate guide to luxury vinyl plank flooring

Beside any other tile, resilient vinyl has this property to accept extensive wear and tear.it is a superb choice for entrances and mud ways. Vinyl serves as the welcome note or a red carpet on the entrance pathways; this is in fact a unique styling idea with resilient vinyl.

4. Backyards and Hallways

You can likewise utilize vinyl in backyards and rooms even as it’s moderate and has a wide scope of shadings to browse yet here are a few inconveniences of such a choice.  You can use resilient vinyl floors to add warmth and value to your backyards and hallways.

Try using some sky scraping or fairy lights to enhance the modified look of the vinyl pattern.  Along with astounding styles vinyl also has some issues.

Perhaps the most concerning issue confronting vinyl is the item is produced utilizing polyvinyl chloride and will discharge unpredictable natural mixes, particularly when it is new.

  • Resilient vinyl tiles are exceptionally simple to introduce all alone.
  • Preparing the subfloor for establishment can end up being troublesome work.
  • Furniture cushions should be introduced on the feet of all furnishings.
  • Moving the sofa could bring about scratching or gouging the tile or popping the tile off the floor completely.

Vinyl can’t face sun radiations. On interaction with the sunshine vinyl floor will begin to develop cloudiness. So we suggest leaving vinyl floors for kitchens, eating territory and restrooms obviously you can choose better.  Last but not the least choice is all yours beyond any suggestion

6. Match Your Paints and Furniture

To enhance your home interior decoration try matching the furniture and paint with resilient vinyl floors.

  • Vinyl sheets and vinyl tiles exist in a huge variety. Following are the tips that you can follow to enhance the style.
  • Match furniture accent and paints with vinyl floor.
  • Try matching rugs and curtains with vinyl patterns. read more at 1o tips to decorate with vinyl flooring
  • Use a contrast. Try submerge or subdued hues with darker tones and vice versa
  • Don’t use two same tones-it will damage the entire look.

7. Resilient vinyl flooring in Basements

Resilient vinyl flooring works best in your basement portions. vinyl planks have the ability to absorb annoying sounds. due to its enhanced water resistance properties it adds value to overall home styling. Most people ignore their basements and put less attention on it . however remember  whenever you plan to renovate your home put equal attention on all areas whether its basement or top floor. styling equally matters and has great significance.


Keep in mind functionality is the key determinant of the right flooring. Right above many options, resilient-vinyl is truly made for your home to give it a premium look like wood. Styling your home with the right flooring is just like finding a pair of shoes that will support a comfortable walk.

You are really in a hard struggle to style yours with one of the prettiest options. Perhaps it’s everyone’s brawl. Don’t worry we are here with 7 home styling tips with a resilient-vinyl floor that will totally transform your home in your dream palace. Resilient vinyl offers a strong foundation and a welcoming look to your home. Style your home with hand-scraped and wire-brushed notes.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Is Resilient Vinyl?

Resilient flooring is also famous as vinyl flooring.  Appropriate combinations make the flooring of natural and synthetic materials.  Resilient flooring is waterproof and works best in high traffic areas.

2. What Are The Disadvantages of Resilient Vinyl Flooring?

Some of the main disadvantages of resilient vinyl flooring are

  • Of It’s Not Repairable
  • It does not affect home resale value
  • It emits Volatile organic compounds
  • Comparatively short life span than hardwood

3. Is Resilient Vinyl Good For Bathrooms?

The resilient vinyl is waterproof. Due to high moisture resistance vinyl works best in areas that are prone to get damaged by water interaction. The resilient vinyl is an admirable choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

4. Is 2mm Vinyl Flooring Thickness Appropriate?

 If you are tight on budget, you can use 2mm thickness of resilient-vinyl floors. However, thicker is always better. Thicker is the flooring less prone to its damage by scratches and dents.

5. What Should Be Installed Before Resilient Vinyl Flooring?

Before installation of resilient vinyl, the professional recommendation is too glued down the floor to the underlying floor in the best possible way. However, if you are planning to opt for an option for DIY installation, you can choose some other resilient flooring options such as linoleum.

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