How to Install Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring installation

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is undoubtedly an incredible flooring choice. By its name, it seems so easy and quick in installation. However, the structure of any flooring demands proper preparation and tools.

If you are not prepared for the installation process, then it’s quite apparent you will end up in the wrong installation. Apart from its high-end durability and long life span vinyl flooring needs extensive acclimatization to its environment. Learn more 15 facts about luxury vinyl plank flooring you must know

Remember before placing them directly on the subfloor try arranging the planks in an ordinary manner. Random placement will help you in the proper analysis of how your final floor will look.

Certain aspects will help you in proper installation. Although vinyl flooring installation is a DIY friendly project still, there are some critical considerations.

Before installation takes proper room measurements, to make sure right and accurate measurements start from the longest wall and then measure associated areas accordingly.

Perhaps! Either it’s luxury vinyl plank flooring or luxury vinyl tile flooring installation take proper precautionary measures. More vigilance will lead you towards stress-free and adequate flooring installation. Below is the complete guide on installing luxury vinyl plank flooring in the best possible way.

Before the installation of luxury vinyl plank flooring, you may need to consider some essential steps

Vinyl planks installation

These three steps will help you determine how much ready you are for installing your new foundation. Regardless of everything, vinyl flooring adds elegance and flair to your home. Your nee floor is not less than a welcome note for visitors. Flawless floor installation is key to more beautiful and highly durable flooring. Besides, try determining the subfloor condition and then install the floor accordingly.

Preparation Of Floor Before Final Installation

First and foremost step in luxury vinyl plank flooring installation is to review and analyze the installation guide carefully.

Flooring guide will help you a lot in proper functioning and taking precautionary measures if mentioned in the direction. Always be prepared. Never start your project randomly. Haphazard actions will lead you in the loss.

Prepare Your Space

For any room, first of all, you need to clear all the space, wipe out or remove any furniture. Dispose of all existing flooring as required. Remove the base with little pressure, as per your choice you can either trim it or do the worm with the mill.

Subfloor Preparation

Make sure the subfloor is dry, and there is no moisture. It must be clean, flat and without any imperfections. If any repairing is required, do it as soon as possible.

Gather Necessary Tools

Prepare a list containing all the tools. Your list may include

  • Mouldings
  • Trims
  • Tile cutters
  • Utility cutter or blades

For a more comprehensive collection, read the installation guide.


Luxury vinyl plank flooring needs proper acclimatization before necessary. Planks need an adequate adaptation to the environment. Appropriate adjustment time will lead to flawless installation.

Vinyl plank flooring installation

Luxury vinyl flooring is tough, durable and ultimately elegant. Perhaps luxury vinyl is favourite among homeowners due to its DIY friendly installation. Given below are the detailed steps that how you can install luxury vinyl planks easily and readily.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation Steps

Gather Tools

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is available at the home centres and flooring markets. Vinyl plank is getting popular with each passing day due to its various advantages. For any flooring installation, there are specific tools that are required. For luxury vinyl plank flooring you need to have the following tools

  • Air compressor air hose
  • aviation snips
  • belt sander
  • nail gun
  • chalk line chisel
  • dust mask
  • hammer
  • personal protective equipment
  • adhesive material
  • cutter


Firstly find out the high and low-level spots on the floors. You can easily do this with the help of the straight edge. Bear in mind that floor height should be 1/8 inch. It should not be more or less than this value. The Following span is almost 4 feet. After finding the spots perform sanding with the help of belt sander and cross grit. Undoubtedly this procedure will produce a lot of dust so for this job consider wearing a dust mask as your protective equipment. You can also use coarse sanding materials.

Fill The Low-Level Spots

With the help of a trowel fill the slow level spot on the floor. It can be any small or long patch. Don’t use the self-level floor patch. The primary purpose is not to make the floor level; instead, it is just to make it smooth.

Use Half Plank

Luxury vinyl plank flooring works best in a parallel manner. If you lay the flooring in parallel starting from the longest wall, you will have to make fewer cuts. Remember, first of all; you have to figure out the exact width. Read Tips and tricks to lay luxury vinyl over concrete floor

As you install the luxury vinyl planks, don’t place the full plank at once to determine the last row’s width and then continue the process. Never put more than half a plank in both the first and last row.

First of all, for further information, measure the width of the room and divide this value with the exposed part of the luxury vinyl plank. This will lead you to a handy installation with accurate calculation.

Cut Door Jambs

Trim away the door jambs and any casings if present. This is mainly for sliding the floor underneath. You can use any multipurpose too with oscillatory nature. Small scraper will also work.

Consider Expansion Gaps

Shims are required to maintain expansion gaps. Insert suitable shims with an interval of ¼ inch to 3/8 inch gap. They are placed in between floors and holes. Luxury vinyl planks get expanded or contract with temperature variations. Shims will help in good expansion.

Do Snapping

Snapping is important. Always snap the planks end together. Snap the first row of planks in an end to end manner. Start with sliding the first plank on the second row in the first plank groove at the lowest angle. Now place it on the floor.

Now place the remaining planks in a click-lock pattern. Make sure all the planks ae interlocked appropriately. Push the planks in grooves as you move further. Undoubtedly this will help a lot in easy bending and twisting.

Don’t Ignore Floor Height.

Positively any new flooring installation will affect the original floor height. It will either raise or lower the existing floor height. Regardless of the flooring type, this situation will cause serious problems.

Keep in mind these specific points so that you will have a flawless floor.

  • In case you’re pulling out an old ground surface that is thicker than your new stuff, you’ll end up with holes under the door jambs. To anticipate that, you could cover the subfloor with a layer of 1/4-inch underlayment to raise the elevation of the whole floor.
  • Remember! There’s sufficient space over the dishwasher with the goal that you can raise the floor level a little and still reinstall the dishwasher. In any case, check the shack between the highest point of the dishwasher and the rack indeed.
  • Be cautious when switching flooring that butts up to a stairwell. Construction regulations permit close to a 3/8-inch contrast between the most reduced and tallest step risers’ statues. Changing the floor stature at the top or lower steps will modify riser statutes and make an excursion risk.
  • On the off chance that your kitchen floor is sheet vinyl and the lounge area is covered, remember that the sheet vinyl will have a 1/4-inch underlayment underneath it, yet the rug won’t. If you need to introduce LV ground surface in both, you’ll need to eliminate the kitchen’s underlayment or add some to the lounge area.

Properly Stagger The Seams

Stagger all the seams at the space of 6 inches. If you place any plank less than 6 inches width, you will end up in wrong flooring installation. For this purpose, open all the boxes, let them mix and use a varied flooring pattern.

Tap The Planks

Luxury vinyl planks flooring favours the DIY process. For further procedure hook all the pull bars in the end side of the piece. Tap the hard seams available on the floor.

Install Bridge Molding

Cover all the expansion gaps. Gaps might exist in the flooring and base trim. Don’t put nails. The nail will cause irregular expansion. This kind of expansion will result in erroneous flooring.

  • Place the planks parallel around the door jambs
  • Place the planks to perpendicular around the door jambs

Install Shoe Molding

Once the flooring is down, install the shoe moulding, this will cover all the expansion gaps. Gaps will appear on the floor and base trims. for more information Vinyl floorings adhesive vinyl vs regular vinyl’s Enter the finish nails at 1-1/4 inches between the shoes and little ground. Don’t place the pins in such a way that your flooring will move down a lot. Finish mouldings in such a way that they will certainly match the trim, not the flooring.


Luxury vinyl plank flooring is easy to install. Highly durable and cost-effectiveness has made this flooring worthwhile among the homeowners. This incredible flooring is indeed the best option for adding a contemporary chic to your place. Just follow the installation, as mentioned above, steps to make it a more effortless and excellent choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Need An Underlayment For Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is one of the perfect flooring choices. It does not need any underlayment. You can place the planks directly on the subfloor. You can either place it in a floating manner or glue down with subfloor easily and readily.

2. What Is The Best Method To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is friendly in the installation process. Undoubtedly specific methods are depending on the subfloor condition. Make proper cuttings and then place the vinyl planks in the right dimensions in a floating manner to have a flawless flooring.

3. How Hard Is It To Install Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl flooring installation is a DIY project. It’s easy to install and does not require any professional installation. Always read the guide before final installation.

4. Is It Better To Glue Down Or Float Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring does not require any adhesives or glue. It is usually placed directly in the floating pattern. However, for large areas, you can use glue or acrylic adhesive for proper fixation.

5. You Put A Refrigerator On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is highly durable. Putting a refrigerator on vinyl flooring is however not safe. Weight of the refrigerator will tear the fibres and affect the flooring up to a great extent.