Ultimate Guide to Vinyl Plank flooring in 2021

Vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is also known as luxury vinyl plank flooring. It is known as one of the best flooring types. Luxury vinyl planks are an implausible option for both residential and commercial places.

Vinyl flooring is cost-friendly, highly durable, and long-lasting and provides a comfortable walk as well.  Apart from all the benefits vinyl plank flooring is capable of absorbing annoying sound and much more.

Luxury vinyl planks are neither like sheets nor like tiles. They own quite a high-level thickness than its other types. Planks are easy to install usually DIY project.  With least maintenance, vinyl planks are homeowner’s favourite choice.

Based on certain factors it has a clear differentiation from luxury vinyl tiles and vinyl sheets such as thickness, installation, aesthetic appearance and cost. Undoubtedly luxury vinyl planks are capable of mimicking the hardwood and stone-like look that no one can easily distinguish between the two categories.

With least ado given below is the complete guide about luxury vinyl plank flooring. After reading this you will ultimately love this wonderful flooring.

What Is Vinyl Planks Flooring?

Vinyl planks are long planks, just like wood. Vinyl planks also have a good resistance against moisture but relatively more liable to get damaged if exposed for long periods.

You can use vinyl planks in all areas, either commercial or residential. In terms of moisture resistance, both the types inclined towards the beneficial flooring.

vinyl plank flooring

Characteristics of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Certain characteristics are owned by luxury vinyl planks

Moisture Resistance

Vinyl planks are long planks, just like wood. Vinyl planks also have a good resistance against moisture but relatively more liable to get damaged if exposed for long periods. You can use vinyl planks in all areas, either commercial or residential. In terms of moisture resistance, both the types inclined towards the beneficial flooring.


Vinyl flooring is probably one of the highly durable flooring categories. Luxury Vinyl is persistent and does tear and gouge easily. Although relatively softer than other flooring types but still better than money. Its modest durability is a lead factor behind its selection. Columbus flooring city Ohio offers life proof vinyl flooring at discounted prices. 

When it comes to durability, nothing matches the vinyl planks. Vinyl plank flooring is easy to repair. Vinyl planks are usually placed with adhesives or can put in a floating manner as well. You can replace the damaged plank resulting in the flawless floor. Planks are highly functional, as well as practical.

 Vinyl Plank sizes

perhaps! There is not any kind of particular damage from luxury vinyl flooring. Either its sheet or plank depends on your primary preference.  Larger sheets will help you in having less no seams as compared to planks.

However, the installation of the planks is DIY friendly Vinyl planks come in the form of long wide planks. You can either place them directly or can cut at specific points according to the required size. 


Luxury vinyl planks or vinyl tiles are also affordable. It ranges in between $2 to $4 per square feet. It can lead up to $7 per square feet. Cost varies depending on the quality. However, it’s a floating floor and does not require any professional help.


Top-quality luxury vinyl flooring is best for walking. Life proof vinyl floors have a soft texture and promote a comfortable walk. Health and wellbeing is the prime priority. You do not feel exhausted even after standing for a longer period. Luxury vinyl tiles area was esthetically appealing and equally comfortable. 

home styling tips

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While home renovation, safety considerations are vital. The selection of safe flooring that provides both health and comfort is indeed essential. Vinyl floors are phthalate-free, and the best vinyl flooring is easy to walk on and provides a healthy and great life ahead.  Read more How to choose the best vinyl plank/sheets/tiles flooring.

Easy Cleaning 

Vinyl floors require the least maintenance. Properly glazed with ceramic material, vinyl tiles provide a smooth surface. The latest vinyl Floors need little care and cleaning. Regular mopping and wet cleaning are enough once a week. Harsh and abrasive chemicals will affect badly. The protective coating is mainly aligned to deal with extra wear and tear.


Luxury vinyl planks unlike hardwood do not require re-sanding from time to time. All thanks to vinyl construction or makeup. Wear layers, particularly waterproof vinyl layers, make it highly versatile.  Without any exaggeration, vinyl floors are highly functional. 

These floors do not require any extensive maintenance. As compared to hardwood vinyl tiles are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. This extraordinary property has made it a valuable choice among homeowners.  Sweeping and mopping once a day is enough to maintain the gloss.

Common types of luxury vinyl plank flooring luxury vinyl sheet floors vs luxury vinyl tile floors unlike vinyl composites and hardwood vinyl planks are incredible in terms of carefree maintenance.  To deal with dirt and grime you can drop down the curtain in front of open windows.

Vinyl Plank Flooring
Elegant like hardwoodNot actually feels like hardwood on touch
Myriads of colours, designs, and texturesRelease volatile organic compounds with time
Available in a wide variety of width and lengthsNon- biodegradable
Suitable for any roomColours fade in direct sunlight exposure
Easy installation, usually follow  floating structure or click-lock strategyTo quality, vinyl plank flooring is costly
Top-notch flooring when compared with engineered wood or hardwoodQuickly develops scratches and dents
Easy to clean and maintainCannot be easily repaired on damage
planks are 100% waterproofDifficult to remove and replace
Excellent quality vinyl planks are fantastic for both commercial and residential purposesNeeds proper subfloor preparation

 Sound Resistance

Annoying noise always annoys most of us. The green revolution is promising to provide a healthy lifestyle. Health and wellbeing are the prime priorities of the people around the globe.

Whether it’s your flooring or walls health is always under consideration.  Providing good health is indeed an ever-growing priority of homeowners, designers, constructors and all companies. 

Luxury vinyl planks are one of those options that in reality produce the least noise. With the great soundproof acoustic profile, LVP is now among the top-notch flooring choices.  Quiet underfoot as compared to hardwood and laminates. 

The luxury vinyl flooring industry is getting wildly popular. With improvements in the last, many years vinyl planks are now loved by homeowners. Not only improved in acoustics today’s vinyl flooring is life proof and capable of lasting for many years.

Hot In Trend  

Vinyl floors are the latest 2020 floors. It is destined for a natural look. Luxury planks are practical options that own a premium look and special texture formats.

So be trendy and buy luxury vinyl floors today from Columbus flooring city. All three types, either its vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, or vinyl plank, provide a fantastic trendy and cosy look to the home foundation.


Luxury vinyl is no doubt more durable. It has more thickness. Extensive wear layers and protective backing on luxury vinyl makes it life expectancy generally in between 20-25 years. For better life span take proper caring of your floor.


Luxury vinyl floors don’t require any challenging installation process. Floors are DIY install. Vinyl floors have a click-lock system, and you can install it as soon as they arrive home.

No professional consultation is required. Click lock strategy provides excellent stability and a robust and rigid core that is not easily affected. Besides other facts, vinyl has a good absorption ability that contributes to a quiet and peaceful space. Black vinyl tiles provide a cosy and premium look.


Vinyl plank flooring is undoubtedly one of the best choices. Apart from various cons of this flooring, its utmost visual benefits are not ignorable. Given below is the quick analysis of vinyl plank flooring basic features.

Vinyl plank flooring

Construction 5mm thick with protective backings, wear layers and  extra coats
DurabilityHighly durable
InstallationFloating installation
Buying costStarts from $2
Resale valueEffects a little more as compared to standard vinyl flooring
Life span20-25 years

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Is The Best Method To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is friendly in the installation process. Undoubtedly specific methods are depending on the subfloor condition. Make proper cuttings and then place the vinyl planks in the right dimensions in a floating manner to have flawless flooring.

2. Is 2mm Vinyl Flooring Thickness Appropriate?

 If you are tight on budget, you can use 2mm thickness of resilient-vinyl floors. However, thicker is always better. Thicker is the flooring less prone to its damage by scratches and dents. 

 3. Does Vinyl Floors Get Damage Quickly?

Vinyl floors do not damage easily. No doubt luxury vinyl planks are highly durable. Dropping of any harp object such as utility knives can cause tearing of Vinyl floors.

4. Does Luxury Vinyl Plank Look Cheap?

Luxury vinyl tiles are not cheap. Highly affordable and enhance the aesthetics of your home. It mimics strongly the hardwood and natural stone.     

5. How Does Vinyl Flooring Last?

Best Luxury Vinyl flooring lasts for 20- 25 years. This period will increase or decrease depending on the maintenance and care routine.

6. Do You Need An Underlayment For Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is one of the perfect flooring choices. It does not need any underlayment. You can place the planks directly on the subfloor. You can either place it in a floating manner or glue down with subfloor easily and readily.