Hickory: This species showcases the most extreme color variations of any of the species we carry. The sapwood is generally of an off-white color that can have pink or yellow undertones. The heartwood is of a dark or medium brown. Hickory’s grain pattern varies greatly from one board to the next making for a very lively looking floor. Hickory is considerably denser than Red Oak and Maple, which makes it an excellent floor for high traffic areas.
Janka Hardness Scale rating: 1,820


Solid Engineered
Finish: Smooth Smooth
Sheen: Flat Flat
Limited Warranty: 35-year
(no warranty on colonial grade) 35-year
(no warranty on colonial grade)
Relative Humidity: 35-55% 35-70%
Made in: Canada Canada and USA
Thickness: 3/4” 11.4mm
Availabilities: Excel: 3 1/4” Excel: 5”
Installation: Nailed or Stapled Nailed, stapled, glued or floated
Level: On & above grade On, above and below grade
Radiant heat approved: No No