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Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood floors are the result of using a mixture of wood products such as plywood, veneer, hardwood chips, cedar, and pine chips. Engineered wood has a wide range of synthetic wood derivatives which are engineered in such a way to be as durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye as genuine hardwood products. Engineered wood comes in a variety of grades and colors.

The best quality engineered hardwood flooring is any product generated from durable timber, and this is specially made to be applied as flooring covering, either decorative or structural. The white oak engineered flooring is a common choice for a flooring covering material; also, there are unique species, colors, cuts, and fashions available in engineered flooring. 

The engineered hardwood flooring cost per square foot depends on the flooring type. You now have various options of these best-engineered wood floors from our flooring store, such as engineered oak wood flooring, engineered hardwood floors, etc.

Why choose engineered flooring?

  • Engineered maple flooring is likewise substantial, lasting, and will be trimmed to fit just about any area or room of the home.
  • The engineered floor includes durability, sturdiness, beauty, and endurance.
  • Oak and walnut are most usually employed as the primary components in engineered hardwood floors products.
  • Wide plank engineered wood flooring is simple to set up and maintain.
  • Engineered wood flooring is more water-resistant