Hard Maple: This species is primarily known for the tight, even graining of its light colored sapwood, which ranges in color from cream to white with light yellow or red casts depending on the season. Maple’s heartwood is of a medium brown color and will contrast pleasantly with the sapwood in the grades that feature it. Maple can exhibit certain grain characteristics such as ripple grain and bird’s eye. Hard Maple is also known to some people as Sugar Maple.
Janka Hardness Scale rating: 1,450


Solid Engineered
Finish: EvershineTM EvershineTM
Gloss Ultra-matte Ultra-matte
Limited Warranty: 35-year 35-year
Relative Humidity 35-55% 35-70%
Made in: Canada Canada and USA
Thickness: 3/4” 11.4mm
Availabilities: Prestige: 3 1/4” Prestige: 5”
Excel: 5”
Installation: Nailed or Stapled Nailed, stapled, glued or floated
Level: On & above grade On, above and below grade
Radiant heat approved: No Yes