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Hilliard, Ohio

Hilliard, a suburban city of Columbus, is located in the heart of Franklin County in Ohio. The city is known for its diverse tourist spots such as Heritage Rail Trail, a well-maintained historical village (within the county), and the unique Early Television Museum.

Such awe-inspiring spots depict the residents’ love for heritage culture, historical traditions, and vintage fashion. This admiration for the bygones-inspired fashion is translated into their home interior. Whether it’s about furniture, accessories, or flooring, a scintillating touch of heritage style is evident in their homes.

Want to live up to the norms and traditions followed in Hilliard till date? Columbus Flooring City offers a unique selection of flooring Store designed to match the style of Hilliard residents. Our vinyl floors, featuring lively yet traditional colors, tend to serve you for years since they’re crafted from premium quality materials.

Quality Hard-wearing Flooring

Our vinyl and engineered wood floors are perfect if you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting alternative to traditional hardwoods. We ensure that each plank meets the test of time with quality material selection and installation guidelines. This would ensure your safety when living within CFC-floored homes in Hilliard.

Vibrant Colors

We offer a variety of floor planks to choose from in our classic color collection. The dwellers of Hilliard tend towards lively tones such as beige, brown, or grey with white pages and off-white walls for an elegant look that is both modern and traditional at the same time! We also have black options if you’re looking for something more industrial style, while orange hints at nature inside your home. Such a supreme color combination gives it much-needed warmth without being too overwhelming at first glance. Now that you know why our store is the best among the Hilliard flooring stores, give us a call or come to consult with us!

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    Sophisticated Designs

    We are known for our high-quality products, top-notch customer service, and exquisite designs. Our luxurious vinyl, hardwood floors can be easily customized to match the style of any home in Hilliard!

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    Vinyl Flooring For A Sophisticated Feel At An Affordable Price

    Our vinyl flooring in Hilliard is the best choice for homeowners that want luxurious floors at an affordable price. Our floors can also easily imitate the look of wood, stone, tile, ceramic, and more, so if you always wanted hardwood floors but couldn’t because of their price, now is your chance. Our flooring is also easy to clean and maintain.

    If you are someone with pets and children, our vinyl plank flooring in Hilliard is a great choice because they are soundproof and comfortable to walk on. Our wide range of styles, colors, and patterns will ensure you find one that will fit your home, whether you want a traditional, modern, or any other style.Vinyl wood flooring in Hilliard has many benefits unmatched by any other flooring. Its durability, wide range of material options, colors, and functionality make it an excellent option for most homeowners. If you want stylish and high-quality floors, head to our store.

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    Hardwood Flooring For Luxury And Elegance

    Everyone knows that hardwood is the gold of the flooring market. Our hardwood flooring in Hilliard comes in a wide range of wood species, so you can pick one that fits your budget. We have options that are both expensive and affordable. This is your best option if you want an elegant and sophisticated look for your home.

    Our flooring store in Hilliard has made a name for itself in quality. Not only that, hardwood increases the resale value of your home, so this is an excellent long-term investment. There are many flooring options at a lower price, but nothing beats the exquisite, luxurious feel of solid wood.

    Engineered Wood Flooring For Durability And Style

    If you want the feel and look of hardwood without the waterfront issues and expensive price tag, our engineered wood flooring in Hilliard is a great alternative. Since it is waterproof, you can put it in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. It also doesn’t warp and contract like hardwood.

    Even though we are known as a vinyl flooring store in Hilliard, both are very similar in quality and benefits. Our engineered wood is available in expensive and affordable wood species, so you can pick one that fits your style. It is also durable and easy to clean, so buy our flooring if you want quality as well as style. 

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    What Our Customer Saying
    Savas Kaya
    Savas Kaya
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    First and foremost, the customer service was the absolute best! They answered all of my questions and gave a ton of great advice. There was a lot of hardwood and vinyl flooring options. The installation was smooth and I would definitely recommend Columbus Flooring City.
    Sameer Waregaonkar
    Sameer Waregaonkar
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    Staff is very friendly, and very good service. They have very nice, modern looking flooring materials in with lots of variety, particularly in vinyl flooring. Their reasonable prices was a major plus point from me. I have bought flooring for my basement and it looks really nice.
    Matt Bilgin
    Matt Bilgin
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    When it comes to vinyl flooring, it was sort of difficult for me to choose a particular color. But not until I went to Columbus Flooring City, since they helped me choose the perfect color with high quality material. Quite happy with what I got. Great service and great follow up. I strongly recommend to everyone who is looking for quality flooring.
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    Unlike the big box stores, very friendly, personalized customer service. They have one of the largest selection of the flooring materials in Columbus. Having the huge inventory of vinyl flooring, they helped me match the flooring with my interior design in the best way possible.
    Re Design
    Re Design
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    This incredible store has plenty of flooring options. I bought vinyl plank flooring for my living room couple months ago and pretty happy with what I got. They have a lot of other options like hardwood & more that you won't find in most places. Strongly recommended.