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Worthington, Ohio

Who hasn’t heard of Worthington, which has combined all of the attractions and conveniences of an enormous city with the charm of small-town living! Worthington is a beautiful city well-known for its vivacious, delightful cuisines, modernity, and definitive infrastructure.

Today Worthington remains committed to thoughtful planning and development. As a mature community, the people of Worthington are so passionate about their lifestyle choices. Regardless of expenditure, they remain diligently enthralled in improving their standard of living. That is delinquent of the emerging trends and ever-evolving fashion of flooring these people are adopting. Won’t you want your home meeting this aura, of course, you will! 

That is where Columbus Flooring City stands. We are selling the best plank flooring at an affordable wholesale price, making your room alluring. Our durable range includes premium quality vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, engineered wood, and much more versatility exhibiting high-end durability and ultra-stability.

Our Services

Columbus Flooring City provides the best solution to all flooring-related concerns. Our store in Worthington offers a majestic range of flooring options that every homeowner can love to have. Here is a glimpse of what Columbus Cabinet City has to offer to its valuable customers:

  • Premium Quality Vinyl Flooring 
  • Hardwood Flooring 
  • Engineered Wood
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    Vinyl Flooring Store in Worthington, Ohio:

    If your next goal is to redo your home flooring by adding luxury, go for our luxury vinyl plank flooring. One cannot deny the versatility of our vinyl flooring. We offer the best luxury vinyl planks under your budget. Our flooring experts realize the vitality of our customers’ needs and satisfaction as homeowners. As a result, we tend to provide a reliable and stylish product for your home and office interior. 

    Enchanting colors, Magnificent Stance

    We have an enticing range of flooring in amazing colors that exhibit indulgence, lavishness, and resplendence. Columbus Cabinet City provides top-quality flooring options in the latest styles and colors that are durable and long-lasting.

    Complimentary Design and style

    It is not just about the flooring but the design that complements the entire theme is what makes your space alluring. We have an unmatched selection of flooring that can not only help you reach your interior design harmony but also optimal functionality. Complete your home flooring project with our high-quality finishes.

    Why Choose Us?

    Whether you’re renovating one room or your entire home, we have the perfect flooring for your lifestyle, space, and budget.  Our offerings range from WOW-worthy Luxury Vinyl Flooring to low-maintenance laminate flooring. Depending on your needs, we can accommodate you with style.

    Benefits we provide

    Need a child and pet-proof, high-traffic, waterproof flooring solution? We’ve got you covered. Here are some benefits we provide to our customers.

    • Long-lasting flooring at an affordable price
    • Alluring designs and style
    • High durability and reliability
    • Unparalleled value and premium services
    • Dedicated team to provide the best customer satisfaction
    • We make your home improvement a success
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