Bali Buff Wood Flooring from the Everlife® Woodhills® Series is a beautiful blend of light, creamy beige tones with soft knots and graining for an airy, sophisticated appearance. Enhance the look of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, or indoor space with the elegant and worry-free Bali Buff. This 6.5″ x48″ varying length waterproof wood flooring features a genuine wood top reinforced with a stone-based core and a pre-attached 1MM pad for comfort and quiet underfoot. Bali Buff incorporates a proprietary technology from MSI, which ensures it is 100% waterproof. It’s durable and incredibly scratch-resistant, thanks to MSI CrystaLux™ wear-resistant technology. A patented locking system allows for easy installation. Bali Buff is available with a lifetime residential warranty, a 20-year light commercial warranty, and a 15-year commercial warranty.

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